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  • He furrowed his brow as if puzzled.
  • His brow clouded a little.
  • For around his brow what splendor!
  • With clouded brow he returned to the sitting room.
  • He was trying with puckered brow to recall exactly.
  • He pressed his hands on his brow and hid his eyes.
  • His brow resting on his paw, he pondered long and deeply.
  • The scene is the brow of the Hungerberg at Innsbruck.
  • On the brow of the babe, and baptise him The Spring!
  • Norman's brow clouded.
  • Keith's brow clouded.
  • His father's brow clouded.
  • A quiver of wrath and loathing contracted her brow and lips.
  • When he reached us his freckled brow was wrinkled in a frown.
  • The brow and upper part of the countenance was rather of a stern character.
  • The squire's brow clouded a little at the allusion.
  • The latter's brow lightened at sight of the company.
  • Harry gazed on his retreating figure, his brow wrinkled in perplexity.
  • I timidly clasped it, and stooped to press my burning brow upon it.
  • They reached the brow of the ridge, and there Gray rested for a while.
  • Wickersham's countenance changed, and presently his brow cleared.

How To Use Brow In A Sentence?

  • She immediately smoothed her brow and composed her features to a becoming melancholy.
  • The brow will be elevated in surprise, or lowered in determination and perplexity.
  • He stretched his head from the carriage, which had attained the brow of the hill.
  • Was that same cool, sympathetic palm that had twice soothed my brow the hand of a murderess?
  • He kept his mind as blank as possible, while his brow broke out in a cold sweat.
  • Her face was very much freckled; properly speaking, it was one freckle from brow to chin.
  • Her brow was fit for a royal crown, let alone a simple baronial tiara such as he could provide.
  • This was a long speech for Jack, and he wiped the sweat from his brow as he waited for the answer.
  • The touch of a cool, sympathetic hand upon my brow was the first thing I subsequently remembered.
  • As Lawrence read this his brow contracted, for he hated to give up Dan and Harry.
  • Was his descendants' certain heritage; But round their brow Jove forg'd a band of brass.
  • They caught a brow here, and a mouth there, harmonizing the details by the suggestions of their own genius.
  • He pushed his ragged old hat back and wiped the sweat from his brow just as his father would have done.
  • Her sweetly shaped mouth with the slight obliquity of the lip and the little kink in her brow were extraordinarily familiar to me.
  • Just over the brow of the hill near which the fight had taken place, a man lay below a ledge of granite.
  • His road lay down a steep brow after he had passed along one field which separated the village from a wooded gorge.
  • Brook's forehead wrinkled as he listened, his brow rose, and sweat flowed from it.
  • Curly deliberately removed his hat and placed it on his knee, wiping, as he did so, a brow dotted thick with moisture.
  • On his brow was a curious mark, something like a cross in shape, and the colour of it was something deeper than the chestnut of his coat.

Definition of Brow

To bound or limit; to be at, or form, the edge of. | The ridge over the eyes; the eyebrow. | The first tine of an antler's beam.
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