Browned In A Sentence

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  • Thicken with browned flour.
  • Sprinkle with slightly browned cocoanut.
  • His body was deeply browned by the sun.
  • Toss until onions are nicely browned and tender.
  • Toss gently until nicely browned and add the seasoning.
  • He stopped to scan the browned face closely for an instant.
  • Strain out the vegetables and put in a little browned flour.
  • Tempting as was the tree the aroma of browned turkey rose in his nostrils.
  • Stir until well browned and then add two cupfuls of turkey stock.
  • Thicken the gravy with browned flour and then add one-half cup of sour cream.
  • His eyes were bright, his face, browned by the sun, was fresh and rested.
  • What hath browned the ripples argent, Like the plume of thunder-cloud?
  • It's rather difficult to get them all browned without burning some.

How To Use Browned In A Sentence?

  • The sheen of it resembled corn silk before it has been browned and crinkled by the sun.
  • Prepare a dry pan and then dish on a slice of nicely browned and buttered toast.
  • It was while his thoughts drifted back to those browned fish that the first wind struck him.
  • Though his face was browned by sun and storm his hair was yellow and his eyes blue.
  • Harry pronounced it done, and it was certainly browned and basted in beautiful style.
  • Then add some of the drained-off kail wafer and stir it smooth with the browned flour.
  • Add three cupfuls of sliced raw corn and when it is lightly browned pour off nearly all the fat.
  • Bake in a moderate oven about 30 minutes, when top crust has browned pie should be baked.
  • When slightly browned add 3/4 pint of water, into which the meal has been rubbed smooth.
  • When the upper surface is browned and set, turn it, that both sides may be brown alike.
  • His sallow face was browned after his long journeys and exposure to the Italian sun in midsummer.
  • Keep turning over until the potatoes are well browned and then add the prepared onions and peppers.
  • Poured all into the warmed fry-pan and placed it in a moderately hot oven until lightly browned on top.
  • The batter was poured on in large platter-sized cakes and then as quickly as they browned they were dexteriously turned to brown again.
  • With a hand on either of the boy's shoulders, he turned that browned face up to his own.
  • Turn when browned lightly on one side, and when the other side has cooked fold together and serve at once.
  • Even her hands browned by the sun were pretty; even her waist was elegant in spite of an unbecoming frock.
  • When the meat balls are browned nicely, lay them on brown paper to absorb any grease that may adhere to them.
  • Stir together and place a spoonful on the top of each half of apple and place in oven until meringue has browned and serve pie cold.
  • In this case, about 1/2 tablespoonful more should be allowed, for browned flour does not thicken so well as unbrowned.
  • When you have browned it in the butter, sprinkle on a little salt and cayenne, and pour in a very little boiling water.
  • Stand the bake-dish containing the macaroni in a hot oven ten or fifteen minutes, until lightly browned on top.
  • When well dried out and nicely browned on top cut the sheets into small squares, the size of ordinary soda crackers.
  • He was somewhat browned by the Spanish sunshine, and he had an indefinable air of bright hopefulness.
  • The grass in the meadow was browned and crackling; all the foxgloves hung their bells with weariness; and the waters were shrunken in their beds.
  • He was a short, stout-built man, with a ruddy complexion, browned by the winds and suns of every clime.
  • Then came a long delay, for the little boys brought out a number of their friends to be browned for Hindoos.

Definition of Browned

simple past tense and past participle of brown
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