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  • Inside was a brownish dust.
  • Sidewalks brownish with trees between.
  • Its colour is a brownish crimson.
  • Awl made of brownish bone.
  • It is a colorless or brownish oil.
  • His color is usually brownish in tone.
  • A handled mug or cup of brownish ware.
  • This sub-species is darker and more brownish than the last.
  • The rest of the plumage is of a brownish or rusty color.
  • Fusco-ferruginous: brownish rust red.
  • Entire upper parts black shading to brownish on the throat.
  • They lay from three to five eggs of brownish drab.
  • Pale reddish in summer, darker and brownish in winter.
  • Our Boletus had a brownish ring.
  • The eggs are clay-colored, spotted with brownish black.
  • Some | young have brownish hair on front | legs.
  • On his skin, however, they showed a brownish black.
  • Page 128 [Illustration 130: Brownish buff.
  • If it had been a female these would have been more along a brownish order.
  • The flesh was white and the cap was turning a brownish color.
  • They are buffy or brownish spotted with dark brown and lilac.
  • In reducing flame assumes a deep brownish red color.
  • Some of the blobs were dirty brownish yellow with streaks of orange and black.
  • The naturally dark complexion of the forester changed to a deep brownish red.
  • Color brownish in summer, brownish rather than blackish in winter.
  • Page 367 breast being brownish and the rest of the underparts, white.
  • Upperparts and tail uniform brownish umber, below heavily spotted.
  • They were at first pure white, and then assumed a brownish tinge.
  • Above blackish streaked with brownish gray; below heavily streaked with black.
  • These are brownish buff in color, spotted and blotched with rich brown.
  • Color grayish or brownish gray in summer, light grayish in winter.
  • It is about two feet in length, and the plumage is mottled brownish and white.

How To Use Brownish In A Sentence?

  • This species is brownish above and white below, with a whitish superciliary stripe.
  • The eggs are brownish gray in color and are spotted and blotched with blackish brown.
  • The eggs are buffy or brownish gray and are spotted with different shades of brown.
  • The adjacent skin may be normal or there may be more or less yellowish or brownish mottling.
  • The eggs have a dark brownish buff ground color and are blotched with brownish black.
  • The eggs have a greenish or brownish buff color and are boldly marked with dark brown.
  • The rays from the torch failed to penetrate the dense brownish cloud of smoke and dust.
  • This variety has the upperparts pale brownish and not streaked; throat and forehead yellowish.

Definition of Brownish

Of a colour which resembles brown; somewhat brown.
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