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  • The lowered brows were bent upon her.
  • Her brows were drawn down close together.
  • Then he knitted his brows and tried to think.
  • She knitted her brows in the agony of calculation.
  • Ferguson sat staring at the wall with his brows knit.
  • The chief of police elevated his brows interrogatively.
  • Terence trimmed the lamp, knitting his brows the while.
  • Haidee mused awhile, her brows knitted.
  • The brows relaxed, but the lips became firmer.
  • Mr. Elder knit his brows again as he answered.
  • Philippa's brows were knitted.
  • Collie's brows drew together.
  • Just for a moment Fyles's strong brows drew together.
  • Mrs. Culpeper said nothing, but her fine black brows drew ominously together.
  • She knitted her brows and Mr. Bowles regarded her thoughtfully.
  • His brows still knit, Raskolnikoff held his tongue, listened, and watched.
  • Knitting his brows Mr. Curran walked up and down, his hands behind his back.
  • The latter's brows knit as his position rapidly became imperilled.

How To Use Brows In A Sentence?

  • I do not know that they have sadder brows than their neighbors of northern climates.
  • Roseen knit her brows and tapped her foot impatiently, the angry tears now standing on her cheeks.
  • They looked under their brows at the Colonel as they leaned upon their rifles and panted.
  • They framed his jutting, hairy brows and silvery-grey eyes, with a sculptured precision.
  • Her pretty, even brows were slightly drawn together in an odd, thoughtful pucker.
  • Montague Maynard puckered his brows in a judicial frown quite unsuitable to his jovial features.
  • I like him when his eyes come out from under his bushy brows and are all tender and full of sorry for us.
  • Pulling his cap over his brows and the collar of his ulster about his ears, he sat down on the stone coping.
  • The man's brows relaxed a little and he answered them without waiting to be addressed.
  • It was one of those blushes that spread up the temples and over the brows and along the line of the hair with the splendor of a stormy dawn.
  • Instantly his fine, straight brows came beetling down across his eyes in a fierce paternal scrutiny.
  • But his eyes glowed from under his bushy brows with the old keen sparkle, and his mind was as alert as ever.
  • Nugent listened with upraised brows to the angry outbreak, the flicker of a frosty smile playing about his lips.
  • But during the rest of the tale there rested on her broad brows under her copper coils of hair, a brooding spirit that was itself a mystery.
  • She withdrew her hands, her brows contracting and her eyes clouding in her effort to make him understand the position from her point of view.
  • The bushy brows met in a fierce scowl over the burning eyes; his words came in a great burst of indignation and scorn.
  • Just then a tired-looking man swung himself down the steps, and stood looking around him, knitting his brows nervously.
  • He had the air of a man deep in thought, philosophic thought, which leaves the brows unmarred by those corrugations known as frowns.
  • The Jew shook his bushy brows over the rescript which seemed to put a perpetual extinguisher on my military hopes.
  • What could she say to this strange girl who hated so many things, and who was staring out of the window with drawn brows and compressed red lips?
  • Fyles took it, and his strong brows drew together as he read the long story of the "hold-up" which the man had taken down from his instrument.
  • A short person with hooked beak, eyes too close together, shaded by brows which met in a tuft over his nose, was knocking.

Definition of Brows

plural of brow
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