Brunettes In A Sentence

Definition of Brunettes

plural of brunette

How To Use Brunettes In A Sentence?

  • Nothing could be prettier than the small-featured lively brunettes we saw sitting on the stone benches at every door.
  • I have known brunettes to be perfect angels, and sweet blondes to be perfect little devils, and so have we all.
  • Brunettes always make the best pictures when taken in dark dresses, but neither blondes nor brunettes look well in positive white.
  • Pale persons should not wear blue or green, and brunettes should not wear light delicate colors, except shades of buff, fawn, or straw color.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Brunettes | Brunettes Sentence

  • Blondes and brunettes nearly always do.
  • The wives are brunettes with long chins.
  • Tell me frankly, brunettes or blondes? LUKA.

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