Brute In A Sentence

How To Use Brute In A Sentence?

  • It was brute strength against brute strength.
  • There is such a thing as law for brute animals.
  • The temptation was to fling the brute after his victim.
  • A brute of a beast jumped into the middle of it.
  • Words and actions are not the attributes of brute nature.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Brute | Brute Sentence

  • Has he been a brute to her?
  • His brute was at the feast!
  • I will murder the brute if he has!
  • He was the brute he feared he was.
  • What a brute he must have been!
  • I was a brute and a coward.
  • What a magnificent brute he is.
  • The brute was investigating itself.
  • What a brute he looks!
  • What a brute of a fellow it is!
  • Luckily the brute did not think of shaking him off.
  • The brute with the beard has charge of her.
  • I thought him a brute and a tyrant.
  • But for you that brute would have got me.
  • Nor were the bears their only brute enemies.
  • And then the brute squealed his submission.
  • I was a brute to go off and leave you.
  • The brute rushes forward.
  • How the brute will chuckle when he hears of this!
  • Enough that the brute facts justified him.
  • Had they not both been on the same brute level that day?
  • O concentration of brute force!
  • What do you think the perverse brute did?
  • What takest thou the brute to be?
  • Accursed brute to scorch the dame!
  • In hers was shining a brute command.
  • One was naturally a brute and the other was a coward.
  • Then the brute put out its strength.
  • He judged her by the brute facts.
  • We all but ran the poor brute down.
  • The horrible brute was right.
  • The brute convict could just read.
  • This brute dared to tempt her with money.
  • Scarborough a brute of a master hiked me up by my ears.
  • Did you see the brute take me into the tree?

Definition of Brute

Without reason or intelligence (of animals). [from 15th c.] | Characteristic of unthinking animals; senseless, unreasoning (of humans). [from 16th c.] | Being unconnected with intelligence or thought; purely material, senseless. [from 16th c.]
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