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How To Use Bryan In A Sentence?

  • Mr. Bryan could have found no better way of causing the President embarrassment at this crisis.
  • When doing so, Mr. Bryan would often express a hope that his teachers would have no favourites.
  • If war does come Mr. Bryan will be the one American held most responsible for the trouble.
  • Sunday morning I telephoned to Mr. Bryan at once and made an appointment to meet him at his home.
  • To many people it will seem that Mr. Bryan altogether misjudged the effect of the American reply.
  • Miss Jenny seemed different when Mr. Bryan was there, she seemed helpless and nervous.
  • At the beginning of September, Mr. Bryan repeated the offer of American mediation.
  • Mr. Bryan never came for number again, but he came, one day, because of Roll Call.
  • Mr. Bryan told them he had himself introduced the Course in Language into the School Curriculum.
  • In all political questions, Mr. Bryan followed a much more radical tendency than Mr. Wilson.
  • Hattie said it was, for Mr. Bryan saw her using it, and turned and went on talking to Miss Jenny.
  • Mr. Bryan was reminded of the suggestion of some of his friends that in case of war he would be one of the first to enlist.
  • The contents and tone of this note make it inexplainable that the break between Wilson and Bryan was on its account.
  • Mr. Bryan will have the support of all sane Americans on any reasonable proposition which will keep this country out of war.
  • They will ask in wonder what Mr. Bryan could have found in it sufficiently menacing to call for his resignation.
  • Mr. Bryan must either have become extremely touchy and particular over night, or somebody must have been fooling somebody else.
  • Mr. Bryan has always been a genuine pacifist, and later sacrificed his Ministerial appointment to his convictions.
  • Instead of promoting a peaceful settlement, Mr. Bryan practically throws his influence in the other balance.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Bryan | Bryan Sentence

  • Mr. Bryan laid the note down.
  • Mr. Bryan may rest assured of this.
  • Mr. Bryan threw open the door.
  • Mr. Bryan was the Principal.
  • Mr. Bryan had inquired for her Composition.
  • A Mr. Bryan had been in favour of the change.
  • Suddenly Mr. Bryan grew red.
  • Far better if Mr. Bryan had retired long ago.
  • Mr. Bryan must Chautauquahoot, as the rooster must crow.
  • Mr. Bryan came often to the Third Reader room.
  • Mr. Bryan was in the room when Miss Fanny read this note.
  • Francis T. Bryan was a hero of Buena Vista.
  • The day of Class Average Mr. Bryan walked in.
  • Attorneys at law; Forbes, Hathaway, Bryan and Devore.
  • James William Bryan Press Washington, D.C.
  • Mr. Bryan will be a greater power for peace out of the Cabinet than in it.
  • Yet it is possible that Mr. Bryan is as nearly right as he ever is.
  • William Jennings Bryan came to talk to us at our school auditorium.
  • This influence is great, as Wilson depends on Bryan for his re-election.
  • Those newspapers that said Mr. Bryan was in bad taste made a slight mistake.
  • Mr. Bryan was no longer the most powerful individual in the Democratic Party.
  • With Illustrations by BRYAN HOOK.
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