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  • Which is what they decidedly buck at.
  • The buck pointed south.
  • The old buck knelt beside her.
  • He gave the buck a wide berth after that.
  • A buck and a doe with her two little fawns.
  • Suddenly the buck stands motionless and utters a low cry.
  • Buck up, pussie, buck up!
  • Would Buck have cared that he had won highest rank?
  • Smith acknowledged to a severe attack of the Buck fever.
  • Yes, he felt that Buck would have been proud of him.
  • An Indian buck made his way from the doorway toward them.
  • The buck shook his head, but Billy went on patiently.
  • It had been a bad season for Buck Moncrossen.
  • The fourth day I killed a buck deer, and I sacrificed it.
  • Men like you and me can't buck him.
  • John was amused to note that the colonel was even a greater buck than his son.
  • The buck runs like he wasn't even hurt much.
  • She leaped almost into the arms of a young buck who sat near the door.
  • You fellas expect a boss to buck and bite and kick and buffalo you generally.
  • Then Buck called them to a halt before a large plate glass show-window.
  • A startled look went around the room, and then Buck came in on the play.
  • It give me an awful jar, an' Buck he felt it, too.
  • They was great fellers, Buck an' Ranch was.
  • I couldn't believe my own eyes when I saw the buck lying dead.
  • It sounded fierce ter me, but Buck he says: "'Pshaw!

How To Use Buck In A Sentence?

  • Spalding was a proud man as he returned to us with a fine fat spike buck in his boat.
  • While she was coiling her rope, he was making half-hearted buck jumps across the corral.
  • Mikky was right, Buck would not go far away until he knew how it was with his comrade.
  • As we re-entered the lake, we saw a noble buck feeding along the shore, a short distance from us.
  • The truth is, that Spalding had a bad, a very bad attack of the aforesaid Buck fever.
  • He looked about with a superior smile, and Buck Buchanan took up the cudgels for Texas.
  • After killing a man in self defense, Buck Duane becomes an outlaw along the Texas border.
  • Then the buck disappears into the forest, but so warily that the sound of his footsteps is scarcely audible.
  • She could skate across the froth of hell, but just the same she can't buck this current.
  • We soon came in sight of a buck feeding in a shallow pasture, and the boat glided quietly within fifteen rods of it.
  • His eyes rolled wildly and he turned first this way and then that, sniffing at the air, like a buck that scents danger.
  • I will give you some money that you may do as you like with, and you can pay Buck as much as you think he needs every week.
  • I had only to go a few yards to shoot a fat buck at a spot whither they trekked to drink in the evening, till at last came the time of full moon.
  • The b'ys stayed up two noights selling to git the money fur it, an' Buck he stayed stiddy while she was aloive.
  • He found himself wishing that even Buck might have been there; Buck, the nearest to a brother he had ever had.

Definition of Buck

To soak, steep or boil in lye or suds, as part of the bleaching process. | To wash (clothes) in lye or suds, or, in later usage, by beating them on stones in running water. | (mining) To break up or pulverize, as ores.
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