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  • Get a bucket of water!
  • Deschaillon entered with a bucket of seawater.
  • A bucket of mud had drenched her.
  • Ballard was ready with his bucket of cold water.
  • I ran and brought in a bucket of water.
  • Coolies have not to carry an extra bucket of water.
  • Leonard hastened forward with a bucket of water.
  • Get a bucket of water, dear.
  • Heat some irons red and fetch out a bucket of pitch.
  • Some one must get up the chimney with a bucket of water.
  • She flew back across the field for her bucket of berries.
  • Ralph hailed a roundhouse hand carrying a bucket of oil.
  • A bucket of cold water is not "indicated" in your case.
  • It was a frigid bucket of water, but Ben stood up under it.
  • This answer came upon Frank like a bucket of cold water.
  • The Bucket of Blood had maintained its reputation.
  • Chuck a bucket of water over 'em!
  • The man calmed down as if a bucket of water had been thrown on him.
  • She saw him next carrying the bucket of water from the barrel.
  • Wyn splashed bucket after bucket of water into the bellying sail.
  • They have a bucket of water put down beside their allowance of hay.
  • It was as if some one had poured a bucket of cold water over my head.
  • He indicated the bucket of cold water the trainer had carried out.
  • The cup was next washed hastily in the bucket of water and replaced.
  • One day a man came to the town with circus pictures and a bucket of paste.
  • He called a boy, and soon he had a bucket of water with a dipper.
  • The intruder carried a bucket of hot water in one hand and a mop in the other.
  • Jim picked up a bucket of water from the ground, in order to gain time.
  • I'll bet you haven't given her a bucket of paint in three years.
  • She hobbled Freckles again and recovered the bucket of water.
  • That's why that I threw a bucket of water over her.

How To Use Bucket Of In A Sentence?

  • She left the bucket of water where it stood and withdrew back of the nearest hut.
  • The governor caught his breath as if some one had suddenly dashed a bucket of ice-water over him.
  • Throw a bucket of water into the air, and it is frozen solid as soon as it reaches the ground.
  • A box in between held a few simple toilet articles, a tin basin and a bucket of water.
  • He poured a bucket of hot water into the horse trough, and himself gave him a thorough scrubbing.
  • Then scrub them in cold soapsuds, having half a teacupful of ox-gall to a bucket of water.
  • One lady had a bucket of water, which she had brought to extinguish the fire, thrown in her face.
  • Having strained into a tub a bucket of new milk, turn it in the usual way with rennet water.
  • On a rough bench outside the door, he found a basin and a bucket of water with a tin dipper in it.
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