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  • No washing in the soup buckets or water buckets.
  • Many buckets had been pulled up, and the men did not go.
  • They smothered them with clods of earth and buckets of sand.
  • Preferably all buckets should have a lid of slightly funnel shape.
  • There were in addition perhaps twenty tin buckets half filled with sugar.
  • They used, no doubt, buckets of water brought from the cisterns and the river.
  • They poured two buckets of water over him, but he hasn't sobered up yet.
  • Two buckets and two towels," he added, as he surveyed his own hands.

How To Use Buckets In A Sentence?

  • If the buckets are allowed to be taken to the lines by tappers, trouble may ensue.
  • Adamo, recovered now, was soon upon the ladder, receiving the buckets from below.
  • How powers celestial, rising and descending, Their golden buckets ceaseless interchange!
  • Ladders were placed against the eaves, and a line of men with buckets were pouring water on the roof.
  • Gastronomic appetite and reason have been compared to two buckets in a well; when one is at the top the other is at the bottom.
  • The world is full of unsuccessful men who spend their lives letting empty buckets down into empty wells.
  • There were also cockroaches bred in buckets with rolled cardboard in the centre and broken biscuit pieces thrown in the bucket.
  • The old-style overshoot wheel was inefficient principally because the buckets began emptying themselves at the end of a quarter-revolution.
  • At the side of the steamer were grimy coal barges, into which was dipped an endless chain of buckets carrying the coal to the bunkers.
  • Still keeping their pace, the men spread out from the trail, withdrawing the carbines from their leather buckets as they rode.
  • The pack is then lashed firmly in position, and pots, buckets and other utensils are tied about it wherever there is room.
  • Dirty water was often used, although clean water may have been placed in the buckets when coolies left the muster-ground.
  • Perez and Jerry were still busy with the water buckets when their friend came panting up the knoll to the pump.
  • Many couples make the marriage bed a kind of cold matrimonial well; and the two family buckets dip into it alternately.
  • We would be waked up at sun-up by a big horn and called to get our buckets and go to the sugar camps and bring water from the maple trees.
  • He ran into a man carrying water in two buckets hung from the ends of a pole balanced on his shoulders, and nearly upset his load.
  • For the buckets had done their work, and although the church stood a framework of glowing embers, the parsonage and other buildings had been saved.
  • Bucket after bucket, millions of buckets as big as a house, full of delicious rain-water, flung at their heads!
  • Seeing a couple of buckets where one of the others had dropped them upon finding the fire getting too hot for him, Frank stooped over them.
  • On the other hand, reaction wheels are enclosed in water-tight cases, either of metal or of wood, and the buckets are entirely surrounded by water.
  • He drew up the water, and Dicky took the buckets as they came up full and dripping and dashed the water on to the tarry face of the barn.
  • Then while they were busy over the buckets I turned suddenly and beheld the engineer bestowing on Nellie an unmistakable kiss.
  • Next morning both Americans were up early, and, the breakfast disposed of, they went to the mine with buckets of water and hammers.
  • The Corellia men, who with eager hands pass the buckets down the hill, stop, and stare, and wonder.
  • On Christmas Eve he carried up buckets of water from the yard, and she had a great scrubbing-out of the whole room.
  • These should be picked out before the latex is strained, but obviously it would be better to ensure that they did not enter the buckets in the first place.
  • It was intensely hot, and after gathering their buckets full of the delicious fruit, they sat down on a shelf of the ledge which projected over the creek.
  • This extract was very markedly acid in character, and as the buckets were not afterwards thoroughly cleansed, the latex of the following day suffered.
  • Instead of the tanks and buckets of knowledge to which we are daily confined, we come down to the shore of the sea, and dip our hands in its miraculous waves.
  • If a man does not accompany the car, buckets of corn should be placed in the car for feed and some potatoes should also be supplied as these will serve in place of drinking water.
  • The old-fashioned impulse wheels were inefficient because of the fact that their buckets were not constructed scientifically, and much of the force of the water was lost at the moment of impact.
  • Once the string of buckets got to going, and the contents began to be cast upon the creeping flames, there sprang up a hope that the trestle might be saved.

Definition of Buckets

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of bucket | plural of bucket
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