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  • They came off in his hand, and when he touched the buckles on the shoes they did the same.
  • Peeping out from below her gown, the buckles on her high-heeled shoes twinkled.
  • He wore knee-breeches of blue velvet with bands of silver braid and jewelled buckles at the knee.
  • What buckles the back is the added weight of the past's mistakes and the future's fears.
  • Then the Girl began to fumble through sudden tears at the buckles of her saddle.
  • She was now dressed in a filmy gown of emerald green, with shoes, stockings and buckles to match.
  • To satisfy my curiosity I unfastened the buckles to ascertain the calibre of the guns.
  • He wore a gay-flowered waistcoat, with knee breeches, and huge silver buckles on his shoes.
  • And his awful periwig I see, And the silver buckles of shoe and knee.
  • It was not enough to confess that I lied to him; I must strain the buckles at my knees.
  • It is wholly unnecessary when the buckles of the girths are removed from under the weight of the rider.
  • The double-stirrup leather and the riding exactly on the buckles of the girths, are great abominations.
  • White fine thread stockings were tied at the knee with crimson riband, and silver buckles were in his shoes.
  • The seventh page immediately brought from the royal store a pair of scarlet satin shoes with buckles of gold.
  • Her fingers are covered with rings, and she wears a gorgeous silver belt and silver buckles on her shoes.
  • Without more ado he unfastened the buckles of his breast-piece, and relieving himself of it, stepped back a pace.
  • This is generally done by means of a piece of stout cord, or by straps and buckles fastened round the pastern and above the fetlock.
  • During this time the pirates were rummaging the sloop, but found nothing but a ring and a pair of silver buckles not inserted in the list.
  • His knee-breeches were of the finest gray linen, with gray satin bows and silver buckles at the knee bands.
  • An imperturbable gravity possessed him from the prim black-satin cockade on his three-cornered hat to the silver buckles on his square-toed shoes.
  • This tardy success was manifested by steel buckles to his shoes, which were lined with horse-hair soles, and by a more frequent change of linen.
  • He had silver buckles to his shoes, and a tiny opal breast-pin on the lappet of his coat, where the white flower goes at weddings.
  • The scarlet of his coat was a little faded, perhaps, but the sheen of broad white belts and the glitter of buckles and side-arms made up for that.
  • When steel buckles and gilt buttons have had their day, Britannia teapots and brass bedsteads still hold their own.
  • The still, hot air became full of faint chinkings, as buckles were settled straight, scabbards thrown aside.
  • He got up dazed and sullen, but breaking into a good-natured laugh, shook his head and held forth the buckles to Dave.
  • Chattering and laughing thus in her excitement, she shortened up straps and adjusted buckles with as many jests as though dressing me for a masquerade.
  • Old Jason, who was with him, made no offer to assist with the various buckles and straps, but stood leaning in the barn-door chewing tobacco.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Buckles | Buckles Sentence

  • To avoid riding on the buckles of the girths.
  • Molinera buckles the spurs, 15.
  • A pair of old-paste buckles set in silver.
  • The breast-piece buckles or ties on the near shoulder.
  • Shoes on the feet, buckles on the shoes, and heels.
  • Monsieur, you go a-courting without buckles on your shoes?
  • The expense and inconvenience of shoe buckles sent them out of fashion.
  • He would give away his school-books and the very buckles off his shoes.
  • He has silver buckles in his shoes, and silver buttons at his knees.
  • Bodices are still worn, and belts and buckles seem going out.
  • It sold not only hats for woman, but sword knots and shoe buckles for men.
  • Couldn't she have one pair of shiny slippers, just one, with buckles on them?

Definition of Buckles

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of buckle | plural of buckle
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