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  • The buffaloes are terrors.
  • They were busy with the buffaloes at that season.
  • Herds of buffaloes were grazing on the hillsides.
  • Several million buffaloes were slain.
  • Again the herd of buffaloes had come to that country.
  • The buffaloes in front were hopelessly stuck.
  • One or two buffaloes draw it at a very slow pace.
  • They killed a great number of buffaloes and turkeys.
  • But the chief event that day was buffaloes and not timber.
  • These were the real buffaloes and they lived under the ground.
  • Strangely enough the other buffaloes did not at once run away.
  • The buffaloes were evidently making for some strong retreat.
  • These buffaloes had many lodges and there they raised their children.
  • Jan told me it was caused by a troop of buffaloes who were fighting.
  • The great routes of the buffaloes were north and south routes.
  • For ages the buffaloes had come to these licks to find salt.
  • On the 18th we saw the first buffaloes that we had met with on this voyage.
  • I don't think that fifty buffaloes were killed in all.
  • It was just so again; a great many buffaloes had been coming.
  • He found also buffalo hairs where the buffaloes had rubbed against the walls.
  • Some buffaloes are lying in moist places looking amiable and foolish.
  • In the days of the grandfathers, buffaloes lived under the earth.
  • Men who dream of the buffaloes act like them and dance the buffalo-bull dance.
  • The country teemed with game, the buffaloes and zebras were plentiful.
  • We shot eighty buffaloes on this trip, and might have got any quantity more.
  • This finished my "run" with a score of sixty-nine buffaloes for the day.
  • Count Banti said he could see that killing buffaloes was slow, insipid sport.

How To Use Buffaloes In A Sentence?

  • The extensive courses of the buffaloes necessitated the crossing of large streams.
  • You must then kill one of the largest buffaloes in the country and cut off his head.
  • When we made camp my titled guest plied me with questions about buffaloes and how to kill them.
  • They found plenty of buffaloes on the shores of the river, but they were as tame as doves.
  • When they killed the buffaloes she was coming back; the wife stood on the hill.
  • They swarm like our locusts; they darken the earth as our buffaloes darken the plains.
  • It was covered with the finest verdure, and in every part herds of buffaloes were feeding.
  • A referee followed each of us, horseback, and counted the buffaloes killed by each man.
  • People know that the buffaloes live in earth lodges; so they never dance the buffalo dance vainly.
  • Eight buffaloes were killed by Alexis during the three days we remained in camp.
  • Everyone was eager to see the buffaloes which I had promised would be met with during the day.
  • There were many buffaloes in sight, scattered, according to their custom, in large bands.
  • Fort Union alone consumes about 600 to 800 buffaloes annually, and the other forts in proportion.

Definition of Buffaloes

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of buffalo | plural of buffalo
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