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  • What is that the bugles say?
  • The bugles that so joyfully were blown?
  • The bugles sound the rally!
  • The bugles sounded to arms about two hours after.
  • Australian bugles blaring away inside those walls!
  • Again the body-guard bugles sounded and the drums rolled.
  • I smelt the smell o' the barricks, I 'eard the bugles go.
  • In a moment bugles sounded and the defenders were instantly on the alert.
  • The firing stopped entirely and the bugles blew the retreat.
  • Every now and then their bugles played a flourish, as if to defy us.
  • The bugles of the soldiers blow retreat in convents turned to barracks.
  • The bugles all over the camp by the river began to sound at half-past four.
  • The bugles instantly sounded to arms, and we formed on our alarm posts.
  • I hear the bugles sounding: 'tis the signal for the fight.
  • Over the mellowing, detaining waters of the bay the long-drawn bugles echoed.
  • No lance heads glittered, and the bugles no longer called the men to action.
  • When the bugles sounded reveille Jeb fell out with the others.
  • But when the bugles sounded war They put their games away.
  • The scarlet of the maples can shake me like a cry Of bugles going by.
  • The scarlet of the maples can shake me like a cry Of bugles going by.
  • The bugles blew, And high in air the sanguine ensigns flew.
  • The banners play, the bugles call, The air is blue and prodigal.
  • Drums and bugles cease To dash war billows on the shores of Peace.
  • For it's pay-day, pay-day, pay-day; Can't you hear the bugles call?

How To Use Bugles In A Sentence?

  • This was answered by the voice of other bugles blown here and there about the field.
  • Hours ago the bugles notified the boys that it was time to retire to their dens.
  • The bugles sounded, and the long line of steel-clad knights and warriors began to move.
  • One day the bugles called, the camp fires burned, and comrades were together in the ranks.
  • At twenty minutes to eight the Sirdar ordered his bugles to sound the general advance.
  • One stormy day the workmen declared that they had heard the French bugles sound for a charge.
  • Mrs. Abbott had graduated from black satin and bugles to cloth, but her bonnet was of jet.
  • They stand in front of the hotel and sound their bugles to call His Highness forth.
  • Tim Brimm and the bugles of Harlem blared in the little streets of Maron in far Lorraine.
  • The bugles began to sound taps here and there in the barracks as he flew past, but they meant nothing to him.
  • At once sixty thousand bugles were blown so loudly that the valley and the caves resounded, and the rocks themselves trembled.
  • Swift orders were sent and the bugles blew the charge for the men who had stood so many long and bitter hours on the defense.
  • Deck asked no questions, but when they had gone half-way to the ferry the sound of several bugles was heard ahead of them.
  • Then, his men once more in hand, the bugles screamed the charge and the yellow line roared on to victory.
  • All the regimental bugles repeated the calls, and the camp presented the appearance of an ant-hive suddenly disturbed.
  • Far along the borders of the river, above and below, the bugles of the enemy were heard ringing out in the clear morning air.

Definition of Bugles

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of bulge | plural of bugle

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