Buick In A Sentence

How To Use Buick In A Sentence?

  • The Buick had burst into flame and was spitting heat and smoke and fire in all directions.
  • The Buick had slowed down, too, and the gun barrel was swiveling back for a second shot.
  • It was a Buick, while Boyd's was a new Lincoln, but the edge wasn't too apparent yet.
  • Malone spotted the gun barrel protruding from the Buick and yelled just before the first shot went off.
  • In silence he and Malone watched the burning Buick roll over and over into the desert beyond the shoulder.
  • Carefully and concisely, Malone told him the story of the Buick that had pulled up beside them, and what happened afterward.
  • The rear window of the Buick was open, and Malone caught sight of another glint of blued steel from the corner of his eye.
  • The heavy, high-speed chunks of streamlined copper-coated lead leaped from the muzzle of the gun and slammed into the driver of the Buick without wasting any time.
  • The Buick spun into a flat sideskid, swiveled on its wheels and slammed into the ditch at the side of the road, turning over and over, making a horrible noise, as it broke up.
  • Malone blasted two more high-velocity lead slugs at the driver of the big Buick, and at the same time the man in the Buick's rear seat fired at Boyd.
  • "Well," Malone said, "she did know the guys in the Buick weren't the best in the business--and she knew all about the specially-built FBI Lincoln.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Buick | Buick Sentence

  • The Buick slewed across the highway.
  • The Buick and the Lincoln were even on the road now.
  • Then Malone went toward the burning Buick.
  • Evidently the man in the rear seat of the Buick had had the same inspiration.
  • "Why a Buick?"
  • "He wanted to be helpful, so I told him to go chase a Buick."

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