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  • As he reached the building in which was his apartment he again hesitated and again walked on.
  • The horizontal termination of a building in the form of a moulded projection.
  • They were settled in a large agricultural school building in very fine surroundings.
  • Supposing that he did harness the sun and start an empire to building in these barren wastes.
  • Opposite the hotel is a building in the style of the much-admired old storehouses.
  • The building in which they proposed to pass the night had apparently been formerly a castle.
  • The building in which one toils becomes intimately associated with the toil itself.
  • There is near at hand a building in which we may do our business with perfect safety.
  • The furnishings in this room admirably accord with the building in both age and simplicity.
  • These are the real fighters, and some hundreds of them are occupying a building in the town.
  • There was a building in the rear that had once been a shop, but now housed four families.
  • It had about twelve hundred inhabitants, and ours was the only church-building in the place.
  • Every town has its church, and the church is invariably the best building in the town.
  • The two men entered the long low building in which confiscated property was stored.
  • The building in which my office was located was totally destroyed, and the letter was in a safe.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Building In | Building In Sentence

  • Started building in 1911.
  • So they had been building in the valley.
  • It is a most dignified building in its effect.
  • Where is the largest building in the world situated?
  • This is the main reason for building in this fashion.
  • Like a vast building in ruins men enter not.
  • It was the era of cathedral building in Europe.
  • This is the oldest building in San Francisco.
  • Or, At Railroad Building in Earnest.
  • Or, At Railroad Building in Earnest.
  • It is all about the new building in which they are standing.
  • This was the common mode of building in the south in those days.
  • What we now saw was the same picture of a building in process of construction.
  • We are now building in weeks what it would once have taken years to do.
  • Decay will leave little of this beautiful building in a few years.
  • We have all made use of this method of building in these islands.
  • First, it is not a building in the ordinary sense and has no entrance.
  • The parish church was a large building in sham perpendicular.
  • To re-erect the same type of building in the same places would be foolish.
  • He now owned three saloons and the largest business building in town.
  • Soon a white flag was seen fluttering above the highest building in the town.
  • The ceiling was excellent; the whole building in the best repair.
  • It cost one million, and is a magnificent building in any sense.
  • The nesting habits are the same, they building in hollow trees near water.
  • Fires seldom occur, and seldom extend beyond the building in which they occur.
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