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  • The force was so hard that it gradually broke all the light bulbs in the ceiling.
  • Andries was sent out to scour the bush for any bulbs or roots that might contain moisture.
  • It is easier to blow large bulbs on large-sized tubes than on those of smaller size.
  • However, side-dressing the transplants will result in much larger bulbs or scallions.
  • From the cool interior came a smell of dried plants and herbs and bulbs and potted earth.
  • The black lichen was laid over the uncovered bark, and the remaining bulbs were spread on this.
  • I asked diplomatically; not myself knowing, to tell truth, what bulbs were at all.
  • But behind the bench Claude pointed out to him the many aromatic herbs and bulbs on sale.
  • Thus, for her beads she may get some grain, a few bulbs of garlic, and a bar or two of salt.
  • I take up the Lily bulbs for the winter, bring them on in heat, and then plant them out.
  • If she were not with the animals, the Light Bulbs might well have attacked them.
  • On my irrigated, intensive bed I always sow some more on August 1, to have tender bulbs in autumn.
  • But remember, we have to negotiate with the Saber-Toothed Light Bulbs before we can do anything.
  • I had a good-sized bag with me and a quantity of stout brown paper in it in which the bulbs had been wrapped.
  • Two or three electric bulbs in sheltered places on deck only served to make the darkness more intense.
  • In his gardens flourish rare plants, the choicest flowers and bulbs cultivated by himself or under his own eyes.
  • She watched his fingers firmly pressing the moist earth around the bulbs that he had sunk in their new beds.
  • As these bulbs are an inch or more apart in the skin of the back, you have to spread the points of the dividers that distance.
  • But the year is virtually at an end, and we talk only of the bulbs for the spring, or of the moving of shrubs in the early winter.
  • These bulbs are bestowed in thin transparent crops taken from dead guinea-fowls, which are now softened in water for the purpose.
  • Thin sheets of tamarack bark were spread over the steaming green mass, and upon these were placed the bulbs in large baskets.
  • Its roots consist of two bulbs joined together, of which it is said that, when thrown into the water, one swims and the other sinks.
  • It has covered the bulbs of the snowdrops, those white flowers that you so greatly admire, friend Blackbird.
  • It was a magazine, for the peculiar pattern of the electric bulbs in their double glass coverings told Dick the reason for the precaution.
  • By that time the turnips I have mentioned, those that grew in the big field, had swelled into fine, large bulbs with leafy tops.
  • When boiled in water, the bulbs yield a very good molasses, much prized by the Indians, and used by them upon important festival occasions.
  • The chancel may be lighted by a number of incandescent bulbs hidden at the sides of the scene, with the light so shielded that it shines on the altar and not into the hut.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Bulbs | Bulbs Sentence

  • These bulbs had a history.
  • Have you planted all the bulbs yet?
  • Will you please send me some bulbs to plant in it.
  • She devours a few bulbs and then goes to the water-pit.
  • Broken bulbs and jagged ends of wires trailed over its face.
  • You can plant bulbs so that they will grow and blossom in the school-room.
  • The pressure of the matter deposited at their bulbs will then cause itching.
  • We have planted our bulbs and sowed our autumn annuals for spring gardening.
  • The walls are filled with books and flowering bulbs stand in the windows.
  • Those who have not these conveniences, may plant these bulbs late in April.
  • Electric bulbs were strung through the cacti and devil's ivy like elfin lamps.
  • These, as Hootsey explained, were the Saber-Toothed Light Bulbs themselves.
  • I've found I get the best growth and largest bulbs if they follow potatoes.

Definition of Bulbs

plural of bulb
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