Bulged In A Sentence

Definition of Bulged

simple past tense and past participle of bulge

How To Use Bulged In A Sentence?

  • Sometimes it bulged them up, sometimes it hollowed them down so that the edges rose.
  • The president looked up and fastened eyes that themselves bulged from hollowed sockets.
  • The ground was a bog, and as fast as earth was tipped in at the top it bulged out at the bottom.
  • His eyeballs bulged out of their sockets, and his mouth looked like a dish full of blood.
  • As the snake was about three feet long, the pocket bulged as it moved around inside.
  • From the high forehead which bulged over the clear blue eyes, to the delicately ovaled chin.
  • His great breast heaved, his lips quivered, his eyes bulged from their sockets.
  • They were gaily painted, and the hoods bulged with the generous curves of a Russian cupola.
  • From the map on page 293 you notice that the Russian lines bulged out in front of Przemysl.
  • Its sides bulged out from its scrawny body when it had emptied the saucer and moved across the room.
  • But the cliff bulged outward just below them and they could see nothing but a strip of the water on the opposite side.
  • It seemed to have half a hundred pigeonholes, each one of which bulged to the bursting point with folded papers.
  • He had stopped, and his eyes bulged out like shining little onions as he took in the scene of battle.
  • Where the rock wall bulged out the trail narrowed to five feet, and he had measured this fact as well as the distance.
  • He took the lieutenant first to an enormous dome that bulged high above the ground, and admitted him to the dark interior.
  • From a miscellaneous collection of odds and ends, which bulged out the pockets of his knickerbockers, the key was produced.
  • They heard a rustling outside the tent, and one side bulged in, as if some one was leaning against it.
  • The weeks that followed immediately after bulged big with the things which Billy must do or have done.
  • When she did see him again, he wore a new suit and, what was more important, its pockets bulged with sugar.
  • Prodigious tall houses sprang up on each side and bulged out, one story beyond another, as they rose.
  • The stockings bulged most delightfully in the dining-room when they trooped down to breakfast on Christmas morning.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Bulged | Bulged Sentence

  • They just bulged in without rhyme or rule.
  • Shelves and boxes bulged with the precious stuff.
  • Instantly his round eyes bulged with inquiry.
  • Bundles of rags bulged from the broken window-panes.
  • The trim waist was bulged out by a belt of canisters.
  • Now if his eyes bulged out, that would be another thing.
  • But with a groan and a crash, the ice-wall bulged in.
  • His pockets, so long cobwebbed, now bulged with money.
  • I then saw that it had bulged full on one side and hollow on the other.
  • Bob's eyes bulged and his pleasure was manifest.
  • The coronary edge of the heels becomes slightly bulged outwards.
  • The hand which lay in her pocket turned and the coat bulged outward.
  • He bulged over it as he sat down, and its legs creaked ominously.
  • An upright beam came through the floor of my room and the walls bulged in.
  • One of his hip-pockets bulged with a flask, the other with a long revolver.
  • The sweat burst out on his face, and his eyes bulged from their sockets.
  • He was very hot; and out of his pocket bulged a brown paper parcel.
  • As a matter of fact, our office bulged with my unpublished manuscripts.
  • The hands were fine, white and thin, and black veins bulged out upon them.

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