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  • Beyond it, the Taconic range looked higher and bulkier than before.
  • Westerling's bulkier one, the four million five hundred thousand of the Grays.

How To Use Bulkier In A Sentence?

  • It was bulkier than a man, and though it stood upright, its head was that of a beast.
  • Mrs. Trimmer was at least sixty, and had been getting annually bulkier for the last twenty years.
  • The standards that held up the wind-shield were bulkier and thicker than any other such parts Henry could remember.
  • Close inshore, the bulkier debris derived from the waste of the land often accumulates, forming beds and banks of shingle and gravel.
  • Next, as slowly, he picked up the bulkier envelope and placed it on edge on the mantel under the Moran painting.
  • Others equally antique were of a size proper to be carried in the large waistcoat pockets of old times: diminutive, but as black as their bulkier brethren.
  • This was due to the rapid falling of the water, which had stranded more and more of the bulkier drift and piled it up at the head of every island, emerging bar and jutting point.

Definition of Bulkier

comparative form of bulky: more bulky
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