Bullets In A Sentence

Definition of Bullets

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of bullet | plural of bullet | (poker slang) A pair of aces as a starting hand in Texas hold 'em

How To Use Bullets In A Sentence?

  • You were senseless and exhausted, and with two rifle bullets through you what was to be expected?
  • Came a volley of small arm fire from behind and bullets whined about the four friends.
  • When he fell, pierced by the bullets of his comrades, was there not a murder committed?
  • The bullets passed through one man into the body of the other, killing the nearest one instantly.
  • The charges concerning the use of dum-dum bullets by the British are dealt with on pp.
  • With his right arm broken and two bullets through his chest, Baggs fell on his face.
  • So it wouldn't do to have real bullets in their guns when the cowboys are firing that way.
  • Jean had shot at him with real bullets so many times that her nervousness on this particular day was rather unaccountable to him.
  • Farther down the train other shots rang out and windows were shattered by bullets to warn passengers to stay inside.
  • Near by grew a slender sapling, and he clutched at this and held on tenaciously while the bullets went whizzing by.
  • Another second saw the logs piled close against the door, while a shower of bullets and arrows rattled against them.
  • The enemy also fired, but their nerves were so unsteady at this unexpected rush that the bullets went wild.
  • A cry went up from the wagon's escort, and a hail of bullets rained upon the ambush.
  • Scores of shrapnel were bursting overhead, and the singing of the rifle bullets was like the hum of bees in swarming time.
  • The act was the means of saving his life, for at least half-a-dozen bullets whizzed close over his head.
  • Tom felt some bullets whistle around him, and one exploded as it struck part of his engine, but without injuring it.
  • The result of the volleys, the raiders had no means of determining, but they felt sure that some of the bullets had found human marks.
  • Some jingal bullets did on occasion fall fairly near the bridge, and one mule was actually hit in the act of crossing.
  • As he spoke, three bullets whistled from the edge of the forest, and struck the stockades within a few inches of the loophole at which he stood.
  • We now had to keep a sharp look-out; for if one of us showed himself at a loophole, a dozen bullets rattled about his ears.
  • With it on their lips they advanced close to the Mexican lines, while a storm of bullets went over their heads.
  • As the bullets struck, the whole heap seemed to disperse, the bodies spreading outward into a ring with a hollow space in the midst.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Bullets | Bullets Sentence

  • Wounded and dead lie there and bullets keep hitting them.
  • He fills the air with vocal bullets and syllabic shrapnel.
  • Where would I be when the bullets fly?
  • We assisted him up the stairs while the bullets were flying.
  • He had passed under the hail of bullets as through perils in a dream.
  • But both had fired too quickly and all the bullets went wide.
  • Revolvers spoke from the inside and bullets crashed through the door.
  • The bullets whizzed so thick about him that he ran back again.
  • Suddenly he realized that the bullets from the point were not coming his way.
  • We've heard the bullets sing.
  • Two bullets passed so close in flight they might have struck.
  • We have hardly left the trench when bullets begin to whistle round our heads.
  • Tom sent a spray of bullets at his enemy, and was fired at in turn.
  • The side that has the most bullets on the stars, as in the third space, wins.
  • But I didn't hear any bullets hum.
  • Again and again James fired, several of his bullets taking effect.
  • They, too, we learned, were riddled with bullets an hour later at Spandau.
  • The bullets ceased coming, and Grief and Mauriri joined in with their rifles.

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