Bullies In A Sentence

Definition of Bullies

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of bully | plural of bully

How To Use Bullies In A Sentence?

  • It will be the interest of both not to revive an order that bullies with arsenic in its sleeve.
  • It was a common thing for the bullies of the place to throw him on the ground and disgrace him.
  • You were always walloping the bullies and taking the weaker chaps under your wing.
  • I was once a famous wafer-splitter; but then the bullies of society made it necessary.
  • Money was spent freely, and brawny bullies were hired for purposes of intimidation.
  • Most savages are desperate bullies at heart, and look on insolence as a sign of power.
  • The good fellows left off directly, and the bullies who kept on soon got afraid.
  • His father bullies him as before, while his wife regards him as a fool ... and a literary man.
  • Tis the power of Lynch law, of soldiers and pirates; and it bullies the peaceable and loyal.
  • But I am a historian, and I know that bullies thrive best in an atmosphere of meekness.
  • One thinks of them rather as on the level with racecourse sneak-thieves and the bullies of disorderly houses.
  • This is a hideous state of affairs in which bullies in uniform are allowed to address foul insults to whom they please.
  • The polls were guarded by bullies who did not hesitate at command to manhandle any decent citizen indicated by the local leaders.
  • And so the military bullies often got the upper hand, and their appetite for bullying grew with what it fed on.
  • Little and quiet and smooth-spoken, he could put the legal leather into the biggest bullies the other side could hire.
  • He was a tyrant and a bully; but, as tyrants and bullies always are, he was a coward, or he would have demolished me before this time.
  • After that he went his way unmolested, having soundly trounced one of the biggest bullies in the teak timber-yards at Rangoon.
  • Father bullies Willie and the boy retires into a day-dream world where he becomes an all-powerful person . . .
  • Lil Artha, he theemed to think he recognized the bullies as a couple of jail birds," Ted went on.
  • Two flash young bullies with spotted handkerchiefs around their throats and ash sticks in their hands were menacing a third person whose back was to the river.
  • In short, she was a renowned social bully, and like most bullies she gained her ends by scaring the lives out of meeker and better-bred people than herself.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Bullies | Bullies Sentence

  • The bullies must be fought, you know.
  • The bullies mocked him, and spared him nothing.
  • I never in my life saw a crowd of bullies so scared.
  • It gives the men courage, and bullies the enemy.
  • Did you hear how he bullies the Imperial Council?
  • How do YOU know the title my roistering bullies give me?
  • We have had several bullies here and we have gotten rid of them all.
  • Each of the bullies was chagrined at the poor showing he had made.
  • Many's the time Courtlandt walloped the school bullies for mussing me up.
  • Not only ill-pays them, But bullies as well: "For what do I pay you?

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