Bump Into In A Sentence

Definition of Bump Into

(intransitive, literally) To collide with. | (transitive, literally) To cause (a thing) to collide with. | (transitive, idiomatic) To meet by chance.

How To Use Bump Into In A Sentence?

  • If he really does bump into a rock he cuts in an arithmetic book for his latitude and longitude and lets it go at that.
  • Once in a while you bump into somebody that's so straight and square-shooting that you'd like to have him for a partner.
  • For the flag is a great institution when a man is far away from home and expecting to bump into trouble at the next step.
  • As the mad stampede swept on, ever and anon a pony more blind or more clumsy than his fellows would bump into a lodge.
  • At the same time, the girl at his side seemed to bump into him, and as he turned to her she muttered an apology and hurried away.
  • I shall run into you from behind, and bump into you, and knock you down if I so desire, and none shall say me nay.
  • An unknown man grasped the arm of each boy and guided them so that they would not bump into a tree, and at the same time prevented a chance of escape.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Bump Into | Bump Into Sentence

  • So Greg obeyed, in time almost to bump into Captain Ribaut.
  • It was really a great piece of luck that you boys happened to bump into him.

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