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  • It was a bumpy field to begin with!
  • It was a long and bumpy drive to the farm.
  • I had a bumpy landing but soon got better at it.
  • Eagerly he pulled them all out and spread them over the bumpy little bed.
  • The street itself was a mere refuse patch smeared out over bumpy cobbles.
  • That bumpy forehead--eh?
  • Odin joined Wolden, Ato, and Gunnar in the "engine" of the bumpy little train.

How To Use Bumpy In A Sentence?

  • The other three officers had all been compelled by the bumpy weather to land not many miles away.
  • Jasper sharply swung his car between the crumbly gate posts and along the bumpy private road.
  • I could pick one out of the hold of an ocean liner in the dark, just by the lumpy, bumpy feel of it.
  • He rested on the floor of the van, the bumpy ride cushioned by the soft blankets, and tried to recall the events that had led him into this trap.
  • This was a bumpy bit, to be sure, and if I had put her on the "fourth," some one would have had to sweep up the pieces quickly.
  • Jim always agreed with me in those days before nervousness induced by woman drove us through fire and over the bumpy paths of error, that housekeeping was the ideal life.

Definition of Bumpy

rough; jumpy; causing or characterized by jolts and irregular movements | covered with or full of bumps
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