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How To Use Bungling In A Sentence?

  • I am denied the gift of music-making, so this is my revenge on nature for bungling its job.
  • The job had evidently been performed by a bungling hand, and had never been more than half done.
  • It will be a pity if diplomatic bungling occurs to alter this satisfactory condition of things....
  • And if I worke for nought, why is it said, This bungling Cobler would be soundly paid?
  • He begged her pardon for the bungling manner in which he had communicated intelligence that must be so terrible to a heart so sensitive!
  • What bungling puss had had him under her paws, and allowed him to escape with a torn ear and the wariness of experience?
  • I saw a young man lash his horse because his own bungling driving came near colliding his vehicle with a cable car.
  • With an official history and a discreet independent version, no one will ever understand what bungling there has been, and what culpability.
  • She wanted to dress and care for her treasure and deluged him with small trinkets, many of them made by her own somewhat bungling hands.
  • Would such a sum be paid, and if it were, would not official delay and official bungling be such as to render even compliance of none effect?
  • He never forgot these impressions, nor the bungling efforts of the Spaniards to form a line of battle.
  • It annoys me as much as the thought of that bungling cat, or of Nipper's baulked attempt.
  • He found this would not do, for, like most modern rhymers, he is no poet, and he always makes bungling work at imitation.
  • We talked of the event of the afternoon, and Sim, in his bungling speech, poured forth his gratitude to me for saving his life.
  • The sheepish looks and bungling compliments of the squireens could not hide from her that this was the fabric from which the yeomanry were cut who hanged the people and burnt their cottages.
  • Angry that necessity had driven thee from thy nature-abode and because of the bungling of the nurse, thou didst arrive quite black and with no signs of life.
  • Nor should I like any better to be the bungling and absurd metaphysician who professed to be able to see everywhere the aspects of a truth that is not there.
  • The next thing was to put up the wire itself, and this was done in rather a bungling manner, if this wire were compared with that of ordinary telegraph lines.
  • His stalwart form and prepossessing appearance generally secured him a favorable answer, but before he was through with his task he often received a sound scolding for his unskilful and bungling style of work.
  • At the moment, intelligent appreciation of his work would have been bread and meat to him, but her pitiful attempts at flattery were like bungling touches on raw flesh.
  • He endangered the shirt when he came to fasten it; he was sure that he had unnecessarily wrinkled the white waistcoat, and the tie occupied his bungling fingers for a full five minutes.
  • In modern executions the greatest pains are taken to make death as nearly as possible instantaneous, and any bungling which prolongs the agony excites indignation and horror in the public mind.
  • Your bungling villain has no chance nowadays; to succeed a criminal must be an artist, a scientist even, and he does not fall into the error of accusing himself by excusing himself.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Bungling | Bungling Sentence

  • Just my bungling wit.
  • Cassidy was too bungling and stupid.
  • The postmaster was both bungling and curious.
  • Bungerlie, in a bungling manner.
  • Now such bungling inventions appear to us insufferable.
  • A bungling lie would be worse than useless.
  • He did his best, that bungling young attorney.
  • But he seemed to have had enough of bungling accomplices that night.
  • People are not going to be fooled by a bungling report like this.
  • The interest of the bungling surgeon is to say that he died of the pox.
  • Even feigning more bungling than mine would have kept my secret from them.
  • In the era of gas and electric light what a bungling machinery all this is!
  • As if a successful musician were not better than a bungling doctor or notary!
  • He had begun his work too soon, and had done it in a very bungling manner.
  • And he made a good fight, too, if you can forgive him that bungling march.
  • Should, or shouldn't I make bungling work of it?
  • I must see my doctor again to-day, of whose bungling I begin to tire.

Definition of Bungling

Incompetent or inept. | present participle of bungle | An act of incompetence or ineptitude.
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