Buoyancy in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Buoyancy

1. There was a new buoyancy in his stride. 🔊

2. Yet the fearless buoyancy of my temper supported me. 🔊

3. After she had hung up the receiver her buoyancy vanished. 🔊

4. The glorious day restored all his buoyancy of spirits. 🔊

5. It was the wonderful buoyancy of the levium barge that saved us. 🔊

6. The buoyancy and vigor, the freshness and beauty of life seemed leaving me. 🔊

7. All the buoyancy of Von Salzinger seemed to have vanished from his hard eyes. 🔊

8. Then Von Salzinger laughed, all his earlier buoyancy returned. 🔊

How to use Buoyancy in Sentences?

1. The floating power of a raft depends on the buoyancy of the wood of which it is made. 🔊

2. Much of her lading had been cast overboard, but more remained and gave buoyancy to the wreckage. 🔊

3. This gave a buoyancy to the market, and the reaction upon the public mind was tremendous. 🔊

4. There was a buoyancy of spirits in Newton when he once more found himself clear of the frigate. 🔊

5. They held the submarine down despite all the buoyancy of her emptied tanks and the power of her twin propellers. 🔊

6. From the beginning she had marveled at the buoyancy and optimism of the men who were focusing their lives within the limits of each day. 🔊

7. The foremost car was rising and falling owing to the slight buoyancy of the for'ard ballonets. 🔊

8. But, despite the buoyancy of the music, there is an unmistakable undercurrent of melancholy in the playing. 🔊

9. He had eaten a hearty breakfast, and this no doubt added to his feeling of buoyancy and satisfaction with life in general. 🔊

10. However, our natural buoyancy rose again with the fire, and we made a very light meal off the food that we had with us. 🔊

11. He sprang up and shrieked in great agony, and no doubt would have sunk at once, but for the buoyancy of the water. 🔊

12. The reason for it, as we have already seen, is that the airplane secures its buoyancy largely as a result of its speed. 🔊

13. She jumped up quickly, and then with the buoyancy of youth cast all her dismal forebodings skyward and hurried down to the lower floor. 🔊