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  • I see Burgess has shoved you down for them.
  • I was just thinking about you and what Burgess said?
  • Pendleton and Burgess followed instantly.
  • Mike braced himself up as Burgess began his run.
  • And Burgess had actually cursed before sympathising.
  • But Burgess had a much more interesting time.
  • The little Burgess animal book for children.
  • The little Burgess bird book for children.
  • The little Burgess bird book for children.
  • Then the comedy of love played by Burgess ended.
  • Mrs. Burgess had been gone half an hour.
  • Dr. Burgess came with his black bag and they were off.
  • But when Burgess bowled a yorker, it was not straight.
  • If you want to work, Burgess has a nice part for you.
  • Home of Burgess C. Fine for hydro-aeroplanes.
  • And then I heard Burgess and Spence jawing on the steps.
  • His impetus carried him on almost to where Burgess was standing.
  • I thought it was just as well to tell you where he and Burgess stand.
  • The team was filled up, and Burgess was not likely to alter it.
  • However, Burgess grinned amiably through a rather neglected growth of beard.
  • You must look out for that," said Burgess helpfully.
  • It was a difficult catch, and Burgess waited to see if he would bring it off.
  • A large modern monument to the late Bishop Burgess is against the south wall.
  • Last night he took the train at Cordova, and Burgess followed him.

How To Use Burgess In A Sentence?

  • The result of which meditation was that Burgess got a second shock before the day was out.
  • Dr. Burgess examined the sick man and pronounced him to be in a very critical condition.
  • The crowd that collected the moment Burgess had walked off carried him right up to the board.
  • In the face of this situation the Burgess reluctantly granted sanction for union meetings.
  • The best and quickest way to find her would be to telephone the Burgess office.
  • When Burgess had once labelled a man as that, he did not readily let the idea out of his mind.
  • Another bay was added to the Burgess conventicle, and the cathedral services were resumed.
  • Had he dreamed that conversation between Spence and Burgess on the pavilion steps?
  • Perhaps, after all, he was detected; for a few minutes later Burgess saw him leave the house.
  • He's got half of the Burgess shows, and if you'll only see him everything will be fixed.
  • While the Assembly was in session I had my part to act as Burgess from my hundred.
  • A 'toss' gave the chance to Mr. Pierce, and he requested Mr. Burgess to lead off.
  • The qualification of a burgess has been incidentally mentioned in connexion with that of a county elector, and need not be further noticed.
  • The Burgess forbade it with flaming pronunciamentos and threatened dire consequences if it were held.
  • The chief fault to be found with Burgess is that he was out of place in a cathedral, otherwise there is much to be said in his favour.
  • Ada did not remain insensible to the persistent homage, and Burgess bore away the victory over numerous rivals.

Definition of Burgess

An inhabitant of a borough with full rights; a citizen. | (historical) A town magistrate. | (historical, Britain) A representative of a borough in the Parliament.
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