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  • But the decent burghers were not there.
  • The burghers fought for their lives and their homes.
  • The burghers themselves comprise the entire force.
  • The burghers knew him somewhat too well to trust him.
  • Not one of the burghers present doubted the outcome.
  • But the worthy burghers had learned a twofold lesson.
  • With a shout the burghers swore to fight to the last man.
  • In wealth, rich burghers of my bounteous land?
  • He could not have his burghers swamped by Uitlanders.
  • The burghers were not long in suspecting the cause of his coming.
  • I was in company with several worthy burghers of my native city.
  • The burghers and mountaineers gave their answer in a similar vein.
  • The burghers of the night fade one by one, ...
  • This was what he did when he wrote to the burghers of Herford in Westphalia.
  • The knights and burghers of Suabia were now assembling at Ulm.
  • The burghers of Ambon show more of the Dutch element in their composition.
  • He was sent in charge of two burghers to the Boer camp near Brandfort.

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  • They live far more sociably one with another than do the common burghers in the cities.
  • As for the burghers who had taken refuge with him, the king showed them no mercy.
  • When the gates gave way before their attacks the burghers defended the broken walls.
  • Gayly decorated boats sailed to and fro, bringing more burghers from near and far.
  • Indeed, the worthy burghers began to surmise that he knew more of these stories than mere hearsay.
  • Each "commando" was formed from the burghers of military age of an electoral district.
  • The burghers began to tune the melodies of a new music: a banausic artisan song.
  • He was still convinced that the burghers would, in the end, yield to his demands.
  • Van Artevelde called the burghers together, and told them what the situation was.
  • But the Transvaal burghers dreaded absorption by their neighbours, and deposed him.
  • On the way down he tarried in Hamburg long enough to give the good burghers a severe jolt.
  • There lay the sole difference, and the square-toed Leipzig burghers did not perceive it.
  • Along with this letter Gustavus sent one to the burghers in the town of Kalmar.
  • For two months the town was held by the burghers and the castle by the Prefect Conrad.
  • You English never had a right in the country, and the Burghers will in future enjoy the land.
  • Then the burghers applied the same plaster to his wrath as they had done to the virtue of his representatives.
  • At the gates was heaped up a ghastly memorial of the steadfastness of the burghers in their devotion to his cause.
  • The burghers in the streets exult at their deliverance and some of the girls throw flowers to the troops.
  • The good old times are now over when a score of burghers could with impunity produce one and the same rifle.
  • And so the good old burghers threw another log on the fire and sat down to enjoy the cheerful blaze.
  • The burghers had tasted the sweets of liberty, and were not ready to lose their dearly-bought independence.
  • Their sufferings made the burghers very impatient for the relief of whose coming they could get no certain assurance.
  • They range in subject from the stately interiors of grave and opulent burghers to tavern scenes of jollity and debauch.

Definition of Burghers

plural of burgher
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