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  • It is a burglary of which you will hear nothing more.
  • I fancied burglary at first.
  • They planned a burglary for the following night.
  • Capital punishment for burglary abolished in England.
  • The ordinary sentence for burglary was the same, with variations.
  • Beside it burglary was a bagatelle, but one to deprecate none the less.
  • No one ever dreamed of such a thing as a burglary in Newport.
  • As a matter of fact, I had only heard of this attempted burglary by accident.
  • By the way, what became of that burglary case of yours, on Friday, Mr. Flaw?

How To Use Burglary In A Sentence?

  • Why had he not committed his burglary and gotten away with his spoils without alarming her?
  • I will tell you a little more, to assure you that our burglary is perfectly honorable.
  • To him burglary presented itself as a legitimate sporting pursuit governed by certain rules.
  • Automatically, the notion comes to his mind that burglary would account for the disorder.
  • The broken safe was the only piece of "professional" burglary to be seen anywhere about the house.
  • Needy, and having recourse to expedients, de Balincourt planned the burglary mentioned above.
  • This was unfortunate as the natural supposition was that the burglary had been committed during the hours when they were alone there.
  • I have always thought that burglary must be an exhilarating profession, second only to that of the detective who traps him.
  • There was no burglary that night, and the following morning was as good for yachting as one could desire.
  • It was the second burglary of his life, and he reflected that so far all that had happened was greatly to the credit of his professional abilities.
  • There came a time when his crime of arson or burglary led to his trial, conviction, and sentence to death.
  • Government, with the best will, could not always punish even violent injury to property from burglary or robbery.
  • The latter had been marked out to him as the instigator of a burglary which was to take place at that time to the detriment of Mme.
  • He could see no sign of disturbance, nothing that indicated specially the burglary of which his father had given a suggestion on the stairs.
  • My father and I were in the library of our home, dividing the proceeds of a burglary which we had committed that night.
  • In the year 1805 an abrupt and short but fierce attempt was made at highway robbery and burglary in Albany.
  • He had read in the papers the account of the burglary at Harmer Place, and that one of the robbers was supposed to have been wounded.
  • This particular burglary has been so satisfactory that I think we may with advantage again turn to the daily Press for our next item.
  • The last sentence was in the mouth of the speaker when this policeman sprang upon the amazed strangers, who were discussing the burglary of the bank.
  • Was he, John Lucas, a mere tyro in the burglary profession, able to outwit the smartest man of the day?
  • We should not witness any outburst of literary activity on behalf of burglars, because the community, as a whole, is thoroughly convinced that burglary ought to be penalized.
  • The successful burglary had been a strain, and after he and Beatrice had got back to the flat they had spent the next three hours in discussing and planning.
  • At the time when this story begins, no fewer than fourteen warrants were out for his apprehension, issued on charges ranging from burglary and highway robbery through a long list of felonies.
  • The particulars upon which the general meaning (or relation) of burglary was grounded were simply the sum total of the unlike items and qualities that made up the one case examined.

Definition of Burglary

The crime of unlawfully breaking into a vehicle, house, store, or other enclosure with the intent to steal.
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