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How To Use Buries In A Sentence?

  • You observe that here the sexton lays his dead on the earth; he buries very few under it!
  • The maggot buries its head in the soft body of the young bee and feeds on its juices.
  • In the spring he ascends to the skies, and in the autumn buries himself in the watery depths.
  • Dick buries his face in his hands, as he clings desperately to the smooth white-oak trunk.
  • For all things soon pass away and become a mere tale, and complete oblivion soon buries them.
  • She buries her face in the pillows of the divan, while Everet looks on appalled.
  • The unconscious babe, after a time, loses the nipple, and buries his head in the bed-clothes.
  • The tree-frog, like all its fellows, buries itself in the mud during winter, and remains torpid.
  • He throws himself on the couch, buries his face in a cushion, and howls like a kid. . .
  • The metaphysician buries himself in the laws of mind and forgets that there may be spiritual influences producing all those laws.
  • In an hour more, it leaves the egg entirely and buries itself completely in the fatty portion of the young bee.
  • One man after burying another has been laid out dead, and another buries him; and all this in a short time.
  • And then comes a wind, with a drenching rain, and tears away all the pretty petals and buries them in the grass below.
  • Then he swathes a fish in succulent leaves, and buries it in hot ashes; and then he smokes his peace-pipe.
  • It lives on sand-banks, attached by its long flexible stalk, which it buries like a root in the bottom.
  • So, though it would not do for me to break the silence in which one buries the fragrant bodies of dead moments, there is something more to tell.
  • So that lovely bird, the ostrich, still buries her head in the sand, but leaves out much that ornaments the landscape.
  • He buries it entire, on the spot, in a cellar where the thing, duly ripened, will form the diet of his larvae.
  • He buries it entire, on the spot, in a cellar where the thing, duly ripened, will form the diet of his larvae.
  • That evening he went to see John Buries on and found him smoking tranquilly in the midst of disorder.
  • The famous Peak rises above the town of Victoria and, at a height of about two thousand feet, buries its crest in the clouds.
  • Cautiously pushing out beyond his barricades, he climbs a ruined wall, reaches the top and buries himself in the dust in pleasant anticipation of what will follow.
  • On the sandy banks of rivers this animal buries its eggs, from which the Indians extract oil: its flesh, also, supplies well-flavored food.
  • When it kills a stag or peccary, it buries its prey under some leaves, then climbs the nearest tree, and howls until it attracts all the carnivorous animals near.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Buries | Buries Sentence

  • He buries his face in his hands.
  • See how she buries her bow at every stroke.
  • He buries it in order to establish his progeny.
  • He buries it in order to establish his progeny therein.
  • It marries us, and eventually it buries us.
  • A dingey buries too much on the stroke, and spoils style.
  • She nurses and fosters And buries the peasants.
  • The mud buries the grenade; much mud, very soft and heavy.
  • Christ's body and buries it.
  • He Buries His Own Dead Elsewhere.
  • That buries it fathoms deep so far as the public is concerned.
  • She finds it, and he buries himself in the families of the great.
  • Marian sinks upon a couch near her, and buries her face in her hands.
  • With an equal grave for lord and knave, He buries them every one.
  • But they buries yer bones very partic'lar, if they finds any.
  • She nurses him, and buries him after two years of "complete imbecility.

Definition of Buries

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of bury
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