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  • He looked very burly as he walked away from me.
  • They were tall burly fellows dressed in black oilskins.
  • He was a huge, burly fellow, almost a giant in size.
  • The burly King in many fights with honour conquered.
  • His burly figure in the lilac upholstering dominated the audience.
  • Peterson was a burly tar who had visited nearly every quarter of the globe.
  • For a moment it looked as if the burly doctor were going to defeat everything.
  • A burly figure in a big overcoat stood in the deep shadow confronting him.
  • I woke up in the morning to see a burly guy enter with a tray of breakfast.
  • Gusterson was being held by two burly women, one of them quite pimply.
  • I chartered a burly "contraban" to carry my luggage, and we started.
  • The Queen, burly little peasant woman, was ill at ease in her pink satin.

How To Use Burly In A Sentence?

  • Immediately afterwards a burly arm and shoulder showed itself in the round of the wall.
  • Presently the fine burly figure of my host stood at the opening to my enclosed sitting-room.
  • Quimbleton produced a white apron from somewhere, and tied it round his burly form.
  • The oldest boy, a burly fellow of fifteen, looked astonished and then sheepish.
  • A burly British seaman saved him just as he was on the point of relaxing his hold.
  • He was a big, burly man, with a rubicund complexion and a voice like a thunderstorm.
  • Half a dozen burly Laconians precipitated themselves without concert or order upon the athlete.
  • Lockwood, a burly young man, stationed himself between Colihan and the file case.
  • I knew a burly Boniface who for many years kept a public-house in one of our rural capitals.
  • Fra Pacifico alone stood unmoved, his tall, burly figure dark against the glare.
  • Ah, yes, I was still in jail ... and Bud and the burly cotton thief were at it....
  • There the housekeeper selected a driver, a burly man who looked as if he might have been an ex-prizefighter.
  • Mac put down the fork and lowered his burly frame over the edge of the opening and came down the ladder without a word.
  • But chaff or no chaff they would have been surprised to see me leave them for the burly and sympathetic Mills.
  • Not so the oak; trembling does not become him; and he watches himself in his stout old burly steadfastness without the motion of a twig.
  • Twould have made your heart ache to see the wet flag clinging obstinately to the pole, in spite of all the efforts of its burly bearer!
  • Just then some masks from outside invaded the cafĂ©, dancing hand in hand in a single file led by a burly man with a cardboard nose.
  • The trimness of the leaf is matched by the neat acorn, whose scaly cup has none of the looseness seen in the burly black oak.
  • The show was surrounded by the children of the place, who looked on silent with ecstasy, while a burly showman piped his pipes and beat his drum.
  • Rutford and he stared at each other, the boy pale, but self-possessed, the big burly man flushed and ill at ease.
  • Rutford and he stared at each other, the boy pale, but self-possessed, the big, burly man flushed and ill at ease.
  • Thousands of wistful eyes turned from the elegant form of the Athenian to the burly form of the Spartan.
  • Here, the explorer had exercised his peculiar personal magnetism upon the house-master, a tall, burly man of truculent aspect and speech.
  • A very burly consequential sort of man, marvellously got up as to beard, moustaches, and watch-chain, entered and bowed.
  • The burly sutors who 'firmly stood' at Flodden when other 'pow'rful clans gave way'?
  • His antagonist was the burly and rubicund General Kruse, who had his nose buried in a whisky and soda.
  • His fellow might have been a burly yeoman or farmer; in look more kindly than his neighbour, but even in his eye was little to reassure Ellen.
  • He spoke, imitating a burly Bestenese accent that grabbed the attention of both his lovely wife and Lloyd.

Definition of Burly

Full of burls or knots; knotty.
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