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  • If it runs it'll burn off the meadow, it being all fresh seeding there.

How To Use Burn Off In A Sentence?

  • Remove a clean cover-slip from the alcohol pot with sterile forceps and burn off the spirit.
  • This is to be exposed again with the pincers to the oxidation flame, to burn off the adhering coal particles.
  • Remove a cover-slip from the pot of absolute alcohol with sterile forceps; burn off the alcohol in the gas flame.
  • He had once seen a prisoner in a "movie" burn off his bonds with a fire of hay started by the coals from his pipe.
  • Winding begins slightly before the flame moves beneath a thread, and the rapid motion of the latter permits the flame to burn off undesirable matters without injuring the thread.

Definition of Burn Off

(intransitive) To dissipate as the result of heat. | (transitive) To cause to dissipate by applying heat. | (transitive, intransitive, oil) To dispose of (unusable explosive natural gas from an oil well) by burning it as it emerges from the well.
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