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  • She was busier than she had ever been in her life.
  • The better the year the busier he is.
  • Sallie was kept busier than ever.
  • But affairs were busier than either of them knew.
  • That was in its younger, busier days.
  • Mr Weech was busier now, for there were customers.
  • No one could live a busier life than Mother.
  • But I went my way with thought busier than eyes.
  • The Maine waters were far busier than those of Virginia.
  • And every day Bob Lincoln became busier and quieter.
  • He was employed by the month during the busier seasons of the year.
  • Nancy's needle was no busier than her memory.
  • On the other hand, they are far busier than the older generation.
  • The ecclesiastics, though a busier race, are still more exhausting.
  • I found myself living a much busier life than I had ever lived.

How To Use Busier In A Sentence?

  • Lumley had to oversee this operation and he was kept far busier than he liked to be.
  • As he entered the busier streets in the vicinity of the office, he saw a few persons whom he knew.
  • Never in all my twenty-five years of life have I passed a busier or more exhausting day.
  • He himself was busier than ever; occupied continually with all manner of Poetic interests.
  • Jan was quite forgotten in the press and hurry of a busier season than Lerwick had ever seen.
  • The world rolls beyond it on its many chariot-wheels to busier haunts, along the great high-roads.
  • When the Duke returned home, Lars became busier than ever, for there was so much to attend to.
  • Like most of the settlers we were busier than cranberry merchants, getting ready for the long winter.
  • It was a busier time than usual at the farm just now, though there was always plenty for everyone to do.
  • Loveral was most busy, busier than his heritage of wealth ever before had allowed, seeing to all of this.
  • Of course, we must consider in this connection the man who thinks that he is much busier than he really is.
  • Molly was busier than she had ever been in her life, and the whirl of work had nearly swept away even her serenity.
  • It was busier than ever, while the men who hastened in and out seemed to reveal by attitude and voice that they felt something was going to happen.
  • These lectures have been contrived to call out our better, but busier citizens, who never attend political meetings.
  • In the meantime Grant was busier with his own pressing problems of organization for an advance than with any idea of resisting attack.
  • Saturday the boys were busier than ever, and they spread broadcast the announcement of a regular "ice-carnival" for that evening.
  • Miss Mapp and Diva alike were perhaps busier when they were being dummy than when they were playing the cards.
  • I was a busy girl in those weeks; and I should have been still busier if opera in America had not received a sudden and tragic blow.
  • Such a book makes it possible for the mistress to keep a definite scheme of work in view for each pupil, and the busier the mistress, the more she will need some such aid to her memory.
  • But busier tongues are elsewhere more vehement in speech; larger hearts beat faster indignation; grief and vulgarest curiosity are all manifesting themselves after their several necessity.
  • The latter were a little busier than formerly: they propagated scandals; engraved caricatures, indited lampoons against him; but this he thought a very small matter.

Definition of Busier

comparative form of busy: more busy
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