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  • But actually he did not believe in any great guilt of hers.
  • But actually witnessing such a battle shook him.
  • But actually there is nothing less stable.
  • But actually we are getting enough and to spare.
  • Not just original, you know, but actually queer.
  • So a man may not only talk but actually preach in his sleep.
  • He put it as a question, but actually it was an assertion and a challenge.
  • But actually his main feeling was indignation that any one could shoot at him.
  • So much is easy to see, but actually the question is extremely complicated.
  • I have done, not only apparently but actually, very important work for them.
  • On the map the Germans looked like victors, but actually they had failed.

How To Use But Actually In A Sentence?

  • Commend me to him who has known temptation and not shunned it, but actually withstood it!
  • Theoretically they should, but actually the impression we receive is not one of vibrant light.
  • On this occasion he not only stopped the earth, but actually caused it to turn the other way.
  • We would cook on this when we could, but actually most of the food was eaten cold.
  • Though, if he was not only floored but actually done for, he was not yet the one to suffer.
  • Coffee for example, or tea, not only does not assist digestion but actually retards it.
  • Therefore, any attempt to banish poverty would be not only useless, but actually sinful.
  • But actually he could not down his impatience to know whether Tenney was coming at all.
  • Such talks between Marget and myself may have seemed to lead nowhere, but actually they did.
  • Karlov had murdered Stefani Gregor, perhaps not legally but actually nevertheless.
  • Ostensibly you are dividing up the great estates, but actually you are parcelling them out and charging rent.
  • He will certainly admire it, not only for the things that are not creditable, but actually for the things that are not there.
  • I have already mentioned that the inhabitants of these smoky dwellings have no beds, but actually sleep on the floor.
  • What a luxury it was to have plenty of water again, not only to drink, but actually to wash with and bathe in!
  • A thing may be theoretically and intentionally at a certain angle, but actually at quite a different one.
  • He had awakened to find himself not only deliciously notorious, but actually more of a man than in his heart of hearts he had dared to hope.
  • They are, in millions of cases, not only of the same family, but actually the same individual creatures.
  • In these disputes the Apostles themselves had been not only involved, but actually opposed to each other.
  • Nominally the gold rijder was still legal tender at 14 florins, but actually few specimens of it were in circulation.
  • In her fancy she eloped daily with a duke, but actually she kept company with a grocer's clerk.
  • He is fond of sharing their joys and sorrows not in any stereotyped, dress-parade sense, but actually.
  • This may appear to solve the problem, but actually the repayment of the loan throws the budget farther out of balance.
  • They do not merely exhilarate, but actually renew and add to us, more even than change of climate and season.
  • As a matter of fact there was a large body of Indians not only very near them, but actually looking at them all the time.
  • At home she tried not merely to keep her mother from being lonely, but actually to make her happy, to coax her to break into the formidable city.
  • Frenchy went into the room, presumably to listen for the "tick-tock" sound; but actually to find his knife.
  • That light ran through and through me, until I became, not a receiver, but actually a giver of light.
  • But at the very outset Morse set himself to find a means by which he might make the current not only signal the message, but actually record it.
  • Here was little Joe Chester not only defying him, but actually laughing at his threat as if it were a joke.
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