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How To Use But Simply In A Sentence?

  • The omission proceeded from no ill will, but simply from their not being acquainted.
  • He extended no welcoming salutation to his midnight visitor but simply motioned him to a chair.
  • These variations can scarcely be regarded as inventions, but simply as arrangements.
  • They were not traced back to experience, but simply felt directly and intuitively.
  • They are not employed to give their thoughts, but simply to repeat the ideas of others.
  • It is in no sense artificial, but simply an enlargement of the natural conversational voice.
  • This sketch is not meant as history, but simply as an indication of the forces at work.
  • They do not protrude over the parquet, but simply line the walls like balconies.
  • He was not helped by either sympathy or poetic imagination, but simply by political logic.
  • It is an oily starchy nut having no restorative power at all, but simply increasing fat.
  • The useless member here is not cut off, but simply relieved as much as possible of all exercise.
  • They said my sister and mother were really no relation to me, but simply paid to take care of me.
  • He would not cut close any more, but simply throw the biggest trees with dry tops.
  • It neither creates nor destroys energy, but simply transforms one form into another.
  • Still, she was not over stout, but simply buxom, with the full ripeness of her thirty years.
  • The striving, struggling mass would fain have taken flight, but simply could not.
  • My wife's mercy,' he said again, but simply as a herald proclaiming superior orders.
  • The large black eyes were neither dull nor lifeless, but simply cold, irresponsive, and alert.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For But Simply | But Simply Sentence

  • The others have nothing to do but simply exist.
  • Nay, but simply to a father.
  • Nature is not didactic, but simply healthy.
  • Here is no question of white or black, but simply of man.
  • The observation did not interest me, but simply ran in my head.
  • Licorice has no smell, but simply corrects ill-flavored odor.
  • I am not advocating a principle, but simply stating a general fact.
  • He writes not to the masters of eloquence, but simply relates what is done.
  • It is nothing to do with love in any way at all: but simply self-protection.
  • Marko in no way attempted defence, but simply transfixed the man with a glance.
  • A young man has no title at all on his card, but simply his full name.
  • He was not ill or injured, and he was not exchanged, but simply repatriated.
  • She slipped to her knees; not to pray, but simply to remember her mother.
  • The king is of course applied to to sign and seal, but simply as a head clerk.
  • And Carringer had no inclination for anything but simply to stare back.
  • She was not unkind to Rosalie, but simply took no notice of her.
  • All this is not specially Semitic, but simply early religion.
  • In every change, however, there is no loss, but simply a change of condition.
  • Tim made no reply, but simply handed Cameron a hoe and picked up his own.
  • They said nothing and did nothing, but simply stared as I drove by.
  • He tried to catch Frank playing off third, but simply wasted time.
  • Now Ruys made no answer, but simply rose, and they went forth together.
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