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  • The butcher will do this for you.
  • Oh it was beastly so to butcher him.
  • Common butcher of your fellows!
  • They will butcher and plunder and burn!
  • Have the butcher score and trim the steak.
  • Have the butcher make a pocket in the veal for the filling.
  • Have the butcher bone the meat, but do not roll.
  • Have the butcher cut the ham in one-inch thick slices.
  • Lady Butcher gives some delightful examples of it.
  • An Eta (outcast) butcher sidled up.
  • The Butcher of Bruton Street.
  • Odyssey; done into English prose by Butcher and Lang.
  • See Odyssey, Butcher and Lang, note 10, p. 415.
  • Do you talk about your sister to the butcher and the greengrocer, too?
  • Have the butcher split the hen down the back and remove the breast bone.
  • Have the butcher cut for stewing one pound of the neck of lamb.
  • Luckily a butcher came by just then, wheeling a young pig in a barrow.
  • Have the butcher cut two pounds of shin beef, leaving the bone in.
  • Have butcher cut tail in pieces; soak ox-tail in warm water for one-half hour.
  • Ye know so well as I do as butcher had 'em, every one.
  • Here the knife is, cold and gleaming, Here the colder butcher band.
  • There was a butcher cut his thumb, When it did bleed, then blood did come.
  • The worst thing La Grange did was to butcher the women and children.

How To Use Butcher In A Sentence?

  • How would your mother send an order to the butcher for meat if she did not wish to go for it?
  • A late milkman or a faithless butcher would bring her to the verge of collapse.
  • Select a small baby pig ham and have the butcher bone and then leave space for the filling.
  • Have the butcher cut a piece of beef from the upper part of the shin, with the bone in.
  • A cure is utterly hopeless, and the animal should be sent to the butcher without delay.
  • Commissary and butcher bills were still unpaid, and she so hated to ask even for what was due her!
  • Have the butcher crack the feet; wash and put into a pot of boiling water to cook.
  • Not one of them ever asked or obtained mercy from Charles, who was the butcher of their family.
  • Neither of them had ever undertaken to butcher a beef before, and a good-sized jackknife was all they had to work with.
  • Parents were his natural enemies, who regarded him with the eyes of a butcher watching a hungry dog.
  • Have the butcher cut two pounds from either the round or the chuck steak and then wipe with a damp cloth.
  • Have the butcher cut the steak in two and one-half inch thicknesses from the large end of the sirloin.
  • Have the butcher cut one and one-half pounds of neck chops into four pieces and then wipe with a damp cloth.
  • Have the butcher crack the bones well and then rinse them under cold water and place in the pot, together with meat and the seasoning.
  • To prepare the ox-tails have the butcher cut the tails in two-inch pieces and then soak for two hours in lukewarm water.
  • Have the butcher cut the round steak one-half inch thick and then pound it with a meat ax to break the tough tissues.
  • Milligan round up a bunch of cattle and cut out three or four, which were to be sold to a butcher for money to take her mother to the doctor.

Definition of Butcher

comparative form of butch: more butch | (transitive) To slaughter (animals) and prepare (meat) for market. | (transitive) To kill brutally.
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