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  • Shatter their skulls with blows from your ax and the butt of your musket.
  • His peculiarity of manner and his mendicant character made him the butt of neighborhoods.
  • He pointed to a butt standing in the shade of a car that had been thrown out near the switch.
  • She may make me the butt of her sparkling wit; she may overwhelm me with her playful sallies.
  • We sat down, and I saw protruding from his hip pocket the butt end of a revolver.
  • Of course she'll burn a bit inside," he went on, "but I've plugged the butt with moss and dirt.
  • She was as good-natured as she was uncouth, and never happier than when she was being made a butt of.
  • King tossed away the stump of the cigarette and rolled his tongue round the butt of a fresh cheroot.
  • Overland grinned, and carelessly shifted the lapel of his coat from beneath which peeped the butt of his automatic pistol.
  • They had their hands to strangle me with, the butt ends of their muskets to smash my head with, pebbles to stone me with.
  • With a little food and his water sack, he made his way to the butt of the branch and sat against the trunk of the tree.
  • It is supposed that the gun was at full cock, and that the slight jar of putting the butt to the ground must have let the hammer down.
  • For three months he was the happily unconscious butt of our party, and yet never but once was our good-humour seriously interrupted.
  • These blows were generally harmless, the rounded butt of the spar glancing off from the acute angle presented by the molded stern-plates.
  • Then Griflet smote on the shield with the butt of his spear, that the shield fell down to the ground.
  • It was the work of a moment, and as he turned about his right hand was gripping the butt of a revolver, ready and pointing at the door.
  • He sprang to his feet, with his hand diving into his coat, and the fingers he wrapped about the butt of the automatic were as cold as ice.
  • In about 1787, when she least deserved it, she became the butt of calumny, intrigues, and pamphlets.
  • Captain Jones' mouth remained open, and the butt of the black cigar slid into it.
  • He felt his faithful Colt, and the feel of the butt was like the touch of a friendly hand before he opened the door.
  • This whip was made of braided strands of walrus hide, and tapered from a thickness of two inches at the butt to one long single strand at the tip.
  • You an' McGuffey hurry right over to the warehouse an' butt in on the sale when they come to them two boxes.
  • The people stood his patient ways patiently, but when a more desperate leader arrived they transferred allegiance, and Butt died of a broken heart.
  • But quite as resolutely Romola Borria shook her head and extended the automatic, butt foremost, to him.
  • When Paley the great moralist was a student at Cambridge he wasted his time in idleness and frivolity, and was the butt of his fellow-students.
  • As he leaned over the side to seize the girl in his arms, Truxton King brought the butt of the heavy revolver down upon his skull.
  • All that was left of a Bowery fireman, wanted to know if Forty had got her butt fixed and a new inch and a half nozzle.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Butt | Butt Sentence

  • Only the elm butt tops the nettles now.
  • Stevens stepped to the butt and filled a cup.
  • Could never breathe, butt have theire byrthe from love.
  • The next one to drop was Sir Clarence Butt Malmaison.
  • Big ones you can butt ag'inst.
  • A third received a scalp wound from the butt of the revolver.
  • He tossed away the butt of his cigar and did not light another at the moment.
  • Where we see things going crooked we must butt in and help to straighten them.
  • A conical iron ferrule or cap is also placed on the butt of the shaft.
  • Physicians were always butt for Steen's caustic wit.
  • I thought I would rap the big man over the head with the butt of the weapon.
  • And his hand went down and begun feelin' fer the butt of a gun.
  • I dropped the butt on the face av the man an' tuk his pistol.

Definition of Butt

(transitive) To strike bluntly, particularly with the head. | (intransitive) To strike bluntly with the head. | (dated, West Country and Ireland) A heavy two-wheeled cart.
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