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  • Eat them with butter or molasses.
  • To butter or not to butter?
  • No butter or baking powder is used.
  • Fry some thin pieces of bread in butter or lard.
  • Use no potatoes, butter or cream.
  • Either fry them in butter, or boil them.
  • To prepare for the table fry in butter or fat.
  • Coffee, bread with butter or jelly.
  • One cup of butter or sugar equals one-half pound.
  • Have some more bread-and-butter or cake, old girl.
  • We had no vegetables, milk, butter, or eggs.
  • These we ate without butter or even salt which was not available.
  • A little butter or sweet oil added to the balls is an improvement.
  • Serve with small dice of bread fried crisp in butter or vege-butter.
  • Make your frying-pan very hot, and put into it a piece of butter or lard.
  • Eat it with wine sauce, or with sugar and butter, or molasses.
  • Peel, slice them, and fry them brown in butter or nice dripping.
  • Melted cosmoline, vaseline, butter, or lard will serve for this purpose.
  • For a week the best families of Bloemfontein have been without butter or sugar.
  • And do I ever skimp the butter or hunt for cake-rules with one egg now?
  • Serve with melted butter, or a sauce made of butter, cream, pepper and salt.
  • Eaten best when old, with butter, or in the North, with dripping.
  • For cooking and frying it is used in the same manner as Butter or Lard.

How To Use Butter Or In A Sentence?

  • Recoveries have followed the free and prompt administration of oils or melted butter or lard.
  • The milk used for either butter or margarin should be free or freed from disease germs.
  • England has compulsory rations for meat and butter or margarine and sugar, but not for bread.
  • The climate is too hot to keep butter or cream without ice, and that is expensive.
  • Perhaps it is better to fry the onions separately with a little parsley, and butter or drip.
  • The causal organism, which has not yet been demonstrated, may occur in butter or cheese.
  • They are also eaten new and hot, and with butter, or some other mixture almost as injurious.
  • The people dimly remembered the shape of an egg, the colour of butter or oil or grease or milk.
  • This sauce is intended to flavour melted butter or gravy, for every sort of fish and meat.
  • Sift together flour, baking powder and salt, and cut butter or lard through the flour.
  • Make a paste, allowing a pound of butter, or of chopped suet to two pounds and a quarter of flour.
  • They are to be eaten with cold fresh butter, or with oil, vinegar, and cayenne pepper.
  • Serve with Allinson plain rusks, or small dice of bread fried crisp in butter or vege-butter.
  • No milk, butter, or cheese is produced, scarcely any meat, no wood, and scarcely any leather.
  • It is never rancid and is far more digestible than Cow Butter or any other animal Fat.
  • Put it on the spit before a clear fire and moisten it with butter or sweet oil, rubbed lightly over it.
  • Drop a couple of tablespoons at a time in a large fry-pan containing a couple of tablespoons of butter or drippings.
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