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  • Byron represented and shocked his age by turns.
  • Byron treated the poor creature dreadfully ill.
  • Byron is a little out of fashion now, alas!
  • Byron was right, in spite of all canting moralists.
  • Lord Byron in the same manner.
  • With Byron it was different.
  • Lord Byron is here mistaken.
  • Byron went for a dollar, fetching the largest price.
  • Chateaubriand et Byron.
  • Shakespeare and Byron are his favourite books.
  • It would be a case of Byron over again.
  • Byron understood them better than any other Englishman.
  • John Byron then began to feel more comfortable.
  • So Byron had wandered a hundred years before.
  • Pindar and Byron, in poets.
  • Byron, 121, 206, 207.
  • Schiller and Byron also began at sixteen.
  • The ceiling is richly decorated with the Byron arms.
  • John Byron was sent back with the barge on this errand.
  • Lord Byron swam the straits at this point in 1810.
  • The four laurels Byron mentions are dead.
  • Yet it is a notorious fact that Byron was a miserable man.
  • The kind of rhymes that Byron oft would write.
  • This is the truly beautiful, the ideal Byron.
  • Journal of Lord Byron.
  • Byron Among the Ruins.
  • Byron and Moore in Venice.
  • And in truth, Byron possessed neither of these things.
  • You speak of Lord Byron and me.
  • Lord Byron was here in August 1809.
  • Then, again, Byron is supposed to have been a wicked man.
  • He abandoned Byron for Shakespeare.
  • Like Byron, she woke one morning to find herself famous.

How To Use Byron In A Sentence?

  • With Wordsworth or Byron he is more at home.
  • Like Byron, he awoke one morning and found himself famous.
  • The one by Lord Byron.
  • Lord Byron, she says, loved him like a brother.
  • I will be neither Lord Byron nor his victim.
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