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How To Use Cabbages In A Sentence?

  • But what did the caterpillar eat before our cabbages supplied him with copious provender?
  • The cabbages began to puff their heads out as if they felt of some importance in the world.
  • If was, indeed, chiefly under the cabbages that they grew up and learned to love each other.
  • The birds cross the sky in a sudden flight; the cabbages grow where they are planted.
  • But I think there is a leg of mutton and some cabbages hanging by their stalks.
  • The Cabbages all laughed, and Antone was surprised to find that he laughed too.
  • In your green shops, With cabbages and cauliflowers And tough turnip-tops.
  • Either you are absolutely ignorant about me, or so stupid that the very cabbages seem clever by you.
  • Halloween cabbages are pulled and thrown against the owner's door as a reminder of his laziness.
  • And who that is convinced of this can long undoubtingly hold the original distinctness of turnips from cabbages as an article of faith?
  • Bidoux, and she sells cabbages and asparagus and charcoal at No. 213 bis, Rue Saint-Honore.
  • There was one thing in the garden that shared his preference with his favourite cabbages and rhubarb, and that other was the bee-hive.
  • My feet were sufficiently painful for me to be glad to lie idly among the piles of cabbages and while the time in day-dreams.
  • The melons looked beautifully red and ripe, and the cabbages of perfect green after this drab-coloured life.
  • With its few green cabbages and turnip-tops, each garden looks something like an aquarium with the water turned off.
  • Rosie thrust her hands among the onions and cabbages and drew out a small pasteboard box generously pierced with air holes.
  • The cabbages had curled themselves up into compact heads that looked like big folded roses set in an open cluster of leaves.
  • No; has made his meals of cabbages entirely, and found them as easily digested as any other article of diet.
  • Set out cabbages in the new of the moon to make them head up well, and gather apples in the new of the moon to make them keep well.
  • I found a way to those cabbages and kept it secret, for I was greedy and wanted them all for myself.
  • The coal-hole is stored with cabbages and carrots, buried, with cunning circumvention of decay, in sand.
  • Cabbage Forget those delicate, green supermarket cabbages unless you have unlimited amounts of water.
  • Half crying, he obeyed her; gathered the cabbages together in a towel, and followed the old woman from the market.
  • He sat down and leaned against a heap of cabbages beside Madame Francois's stock.
  • He led the way up a narrow path through rows of cabbages and sweet peas, and ushered her into a tiny kitchen, clean, but rather untidy.
  • Differently entreated, the plant, economizing in the centre of its shoot, set a whole family of close-wrapped cabbages ladder-wise on a tall stem.
  • But one day, in the spring, when he had been about a year in captivity, Billy was detected in making free with the young cabbages in the garden.
  • The greengrocer who brought cabbages to the corner of the Latchmere Road must have leant upon the oar with the unearthly grace of the gondolier.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Cabbages | Cabbages Sentence

  • And all the cabbages and some to sell.
  • She made her free of the cabbages and charcoal.
  • Rows of white cabbages lay ripening.
  • Turnips and cabbages give a bad taste to the milk.
  • The cabbages were bushes, and the mushrooms umbrellas.
  • Antone recognized the Cabbages at once.
  • Harold Bindloss Cabbages and Kings . .
  • Turnips and cabbages possess the merit of being cheap and very easily grown.
  • All along the river cabbages and turnips are abundant and cheap.
  • Do we hold that cabbages grow by law but character comes by chance?
  • So ... we sprinkle sand first, and then cabbages all laid so ...
  • Marjolin had been found in a heap of cabbages at the Market of the Innocents.

Definition of Cabbages

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of cabbage | plural of cabbage
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