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Definition of Cables

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of cable | plural of cable

How To Use Cables In A Sentence?

  • And that cuts off our escape until the cables can be put in motion and the cages started.
  • Let me tell you that all the power cables connecting us with below have been scientifically cut.
  • Now of course all these cables offered a great resistance to the air and were an enemy to speed.
  • I received cables briefly describing such meetings and the substance of the resolutions passed.
  • Over the surface of the wall detector wires and charged cables looped and hung.
  • His balloon is not free but is held captive by heavy cables reaching to the ground below.
  • That abaca is used to whip the strands of cables of the ships and boats instead of hemp.
  • The cables were ranged with springs ready for anchoring, and the ship cleared for action.
  • The whole crew rushed forward with cables and chains, and in an instant the cannon was secured.
  • The twin wire cables stretching back to the tow became two glistening silver ropes.
  • It was then seriously doubted that cables long enough to cross the Atlantic were practicable.
  • Every here and there you will notice that heavy electric wires or cables are connected with the trolley-wires.
  • Lead-sheathed telephone cables in the earth are particularly exposed to such damage by electrolysis.
  • The sides of this triangle are strengthened by cables and from its apex hang the cables which support the car.
  • The sharp-pointed buildings could be seen to be interlaced with countless spidery cables and glistening bridges.
  • These wheels are attached by wire cables to the ailerons, those hinged surfaces at the end of each wing.
  • The use of paper as an insulator for wires in telephone cables is due to its low specific inductive capacity.
  • He was obliged to send out a dozen cables of notification of the loss, all of which had to be paid out of accrued dividends.
  • To meet the shock of collision two heavy cables had been bound horizontally around the hull from stem to stern.
  • The air resistance produced by the cables is therefore very slight, since only two lines are exposed.
  • He found ways to make cables cheaper and better, and devised means of laying them at half the former cost.
  • I should like to see all the cables jointly owned by the interested nations and a world mail system over sea established by common consent.
  • The loss of an anchor, and the damage our cables sustained, are sufficient proofs that the bottom is none of the best.
  • Well, we went on without any special sensation till the buggy struck against a stay rope which reaches from one of the cables to the tower.
  • My cables and letters of 1917 explained fully the reasons why Germany might indulge in such a gesture.
  • Is it to Maury, the learned physical geographer, who advised that thick cables should be set aside for others as thin as a walking cane?
  • The car was suspended from two steel cables or trolleys, which it could slide along, altering its position and the "balance" of the whole airship.
  • And, besides, I am immensely interested in dams; and in wire cables that give way at inopportune moments.
  • You ask me what I think of a father who just cables 'Fool' to his son at a moment when his son is being horribly worried.
  • I received cables to the same effect from Salt Lake City, from San Francisco, and from New York.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Cables | Cables Sentence

  • The electric cables have been repaired.
  • Chapter 43 treats cables in further detail.
  • Ten dollars spent on cables have cured the ill.
  • The result was the successful underground cables in use to-day.
  • The cables parted, and she again swung round towards the shore.
  • The last hope fled when they heard the rattling of the cables weighing anchor.
  • The new cables proved a success and were kept in operation for many years.
  • Anchors and cables were powerless to hold the crowded, jostling ships.
  • One cables back: "The scene was dramatic in the extreme.
  • It's a far cry to India, and the authorities would set the cables to work.

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