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  • The bottom of this cache was six feet from the surface.
  • The second cache lay at the southeastern side of the ruin.
  • Et maintenant je ne vous cache rien.
  • Je vous ai cru cache dans une cave.
  • By noon the Cache was in an uproar.
  • He is inside the Cache this minute.
  • He would not stir from the Cache upon any promises.
  • Je me cache d'avoir souffert.
  • The only thing he don't know is where you cache it.
  • C'est-à-dire, caché derrière le grand fauteuil.
  • Je n'ai rien caché à Madame.
  • Mme de a trente-huit ans, elle ne s'en cache pas.
  • It will be a bad day for Williams Cache when they start him up again.
  • Some trapper had left the trap in an old cache an' Rocky'd fixed it up.
  • Parle hardiment devant eux, dit Pougatcheff, ne leur cache rien.
  • Well, I gave you yours twice in the Cache day before yesterday.
  • When Rebstock joined him the Williams Cache party were saddling to go home.
  • The Fight in the Cache 292 XXXI.

How To Use Cache In A Sentence?

  • He unloaded the seized supplies and made a temporary cache under a piece of sail-cloth.
  • In his weak state the making of the cache and storing of the meat was an all-afternoon task.
  • It was not so strong a cache as he would have desired to make, but he had done his best.
  • Consequently they had planned to cache the rations and leave for the settlement on Sunday.
  • He must get to the cache with the liquor, and trust to the luck of the reckless to get away.
  • Clost to its upper end is a hill, whar my partner built a cache about ten years back.
  • He knew now who he was after, and knew that they were bottled up in the Cache for the night.
  • Here the Eskimos had an ample cache of seal and walrus meat killed earlier in the season.
  • We contrived to temporarily cache the cargo, and afterward remove it to the Meeting House.
  • I'll make Williams Cache so wild that a timber-wolf can't follow his own trail through it.
  • With Gene Johnson and Bob at the mouth of the Cache there was little fear for that outlet.
  • Reeds, for rafts; mats; huts and fences; to weave; for pens; as a cache (see "Bamboo").
  • The white men had tried to persuade their guide to make a cache of his freight, but he had refused.
  • The best position to choose for a cache is in a sandy or gravelly soil, on account of its dryness and the facility of digging.
  • It is easy to make a small cache by bending down a young tree, tying your bundle to the top, and letting it spring up again.
  • From the cache up the hillside arose a confused noise of snapping and snarling, punctuated by occasional short, sharp yelps.
  • Williams Cache is named after that man; he made the most beautiful spot in all these mountains a nest of thieves and murderers.
  • Williams Cache lies between walls two thousand feet high, and within it is a small labyrinth of canyons.

Definition of Cache

To place in a cache. | Misspelling of cachet.
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