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  • And he went off cackling to himself.
  • The cackling rose to a shriek.
  • Puffin gave his alto cackling laugh.
  • A cackling laugh tears through the quietness.
  • He bowed, cackling horribly.
  • It is a hideous, cackling laugh.
  • It has done the cackling while science has laid the egg.
  • This cackling hen will guide us to the house.
  • At ten thirty or so in the morning the cackling begins.
  • Again the dry, cackling laugh.
  • He laughed flatly, a senile, cackling laugh.
  • Mrs. Page laughed, a hard cackling laugh.
  • The old Mystery Woman hobbled away, cackling gleefully.
  • The apelike skipper emphasized his amusement with a cackling laugh.
  • Then indistinct mumbling and cackling laughter came through the telephone.
  • The faces were cackling with loud screams of hideous laughter.
  • No, for the hens are cackling like old maids as they hop over the puddles.
  • Then she tipped her head, pursed her lips, and gave a little cackling laugh.
  • Words came at last, high, cackling and cracked, like the voice of senility.
  • The bells are ringing lustily; And the hens are cackling all in riot.
  • Do pray observe, that cackling hen Is coming from her roost again.
  • It was the most wonderful world; yet Lady Turnour was cackling angrily.
  • But he went away cackling joyful, and that night Van Wedderburn arrived.
  • The cackling voice remarked: "It's a lie.

How To Use Cackling In A Sentence?

  • To turn from the voices and deeds of earnest men to the cackling of political conventions!
  • It is something to be proud of, and the cackling hen knows it better than you or I.
  • Verst after verst, the measure of her hoofs Beat out a rhythm, like a cackling laugh.
  • Dame Toelast had answered with a cackling laugh; but Nicholas was never in haste.
  • A sea-bird, cackling like a devil, spoke, And the fog drew away and hung like lead.
  • Only the crackling and cackling voice could be heard from the receiver as it hung face downwards at the end of its cord.
  • The face was one of mingled irony and melancholy, and there came from it sometimes the strangest cackling laugh.
  • Then, above the confused clamor, he recognized the shrill cackling voice of the mysterious old woman.
  • Many an anxious minute his brothers and sisters had looking for him, while his mother ran to and fro cackling in fear and dismay.
  • Dully he stared ahead, through the submarine, for a moment before uttering a cackling mockery of a laugh and going on.
  • Suddenly he heard a gentle cackling near at hand, and a small hen crawled out of a thicket that lay to the right of the path.
  • In a short time the cackling of fowls, and other sounds of rural animation, announced the vicinity of some inhabited spot.
  • To me there are but two sorts of women: those with excellent voices, sweet and low, and cackling hens that cannot make me dream.
  • Young Pete, who had fallen asleep through sheer exhaustion, was awakened by the cackling of the hens.
  • But he took the bottle of brandy from a crevice in which he had lodged it securely overnight, and Sturgess uttered a cackling laugh.
  • What have I done that they should imagine they may puzzle their foolish heads over me and my affairs, or wag their cackling tongues.

Definition of Cackling

present participle of cackle | A sound that cackles.
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