Cadet In A Sentence

How To Use Cadet In A Sentence?

  • Over in cadet barracks interest ran at full height.
  • The cadet audience began to murmur and sit forward tensely.
  • The cadet took one glance at him and gave a gasp of horror.
  • Not so with Cadet Haynes.
  • I was a general, so completely had I become a cadet again.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Cadet | Cadet Sentence

  • The cadet whirled about.
  • At which the cadet smiled.
  • Can the cadet fear or be a coward?
  • As a cadet he was popular with his comrades.
  • The cadet is still silent.
  • For this cadet was the dearest friend she had.
  • The cadet had a lot of thinking to do.
  • It was not for himself that the poor cadet feared.
  • The big cadet was worried.
  • The cadet pushed harder.
  • Another cadet was passing along the walk.
  • But a cadet can have things understood with his girl.
  • Suddenly the young cadet leveled the ship.
  • The eager cadet knew what it meant.
  • And the cadet made a leap at the gun.
  • And the cadet staggered back with a gasp.
  • The cadet wasted no more time upon them.
  • And the cadet soon caught up with them and urged them on.
  • But the cadet did not even stop to realize that.
  • It left the cadet plenty to think of.
  • The cadet resolved to make his break here.
  • I wish a cadet had fallen in love with me!
  • Presently he saw the other cadet bob upward.
  • The young cadet gulped in fear.
  • The blond-haired cadet was not caught unawares.
  • It took the cadet but a moment to reach her side.
  • He looked around from one cadet to another.
  • The cadet heard it then, and whirled about.
  • When the cadet came forth he was a sight to behold.
  • She rallied the cadet a good deal on his mission.
  • As she flounced off angrily the young cadet smiled.
  • The young curly-haired cadet doubled up with laughter.
  • From room to room in cadet barracks flew the news.
  • It is either some cadet or else one of the hired help.
  • Spurlock, too, was a cadet captain.

Definition of Cadet

A student at a military school who is training to be an officer. | (largely historical) A younger or youngest son, who would not inherit as a firstborn son would. | (in compounds, chiefly in genealogy) Junior. (See also the heraldic term cadency.)
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