Cadets In A Sentence

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  • Several cadets have told me so.
  • But cadets were important too.
  • Only a few cadets were in sight.
  • Again the two cadets faced each other.
  • The assembled cadets looked at each other.
  • Other cadets repeated the experiment.
  • One after another the cadets went to bed.
  • Along the latter lines the cadets arranged themselves.
  • The cadets finished their dressing and hurried below.
  • The three cadets stared blankly at each other.
  • The train carried the two cadets away.
  • The cadets hurried away in various directions.
  • The three cadets watched the weather anxiously.
  • Both cadets were making snowballs near a hollow.
  • The two teams consisted of eight cadets each.
  • The three cadets entered the local postoffice.
  • A little later the cadets said good-night.
  • One day one of the cadets called him insulting names.
  • As one, the cadets wheeled and marched off.
  • Face to face, the two cadets glared at each other.
  • It always rains while the Cadets are in camp.
  • I am by no means certain the Rockville cadets are guilty.
  • The cadets to a man invited Milly out to dinner.
  • I am one of the cadets at Putnam Hall.
  • He questioned the cadets who had been on guard during the night.
  • But these cadets appeared equally indifferent to being recognized.
  • The cadets staggered under the onslaught and then came to a halt.
  • Bet some o' the cadets did thet trick!
  • It was now after eight o'clock and the cadets were hungry.
  • A crowd of cadets had rushed forward to greet the newcomers.
  • Rapin was admitted to the company of refugee cadets commanded by his uncle.
  • With the cadets went the tactical officers and the coaching force.
  • When the cadets arrived at the grounds they found quite a crowd assembled.
  • In a moment more the two cadets stood in the sitting-room of the mansion.
  • Dodge's outstretched hand both cadets affected not to see.

How To Use Cadets In A Sentence?

  • Soon the merry shouts of the cadets proved they were enjoying themselves thoroughly.
  • Then a servant appeared with a couple of blankets used by the cadets when in camp.
  • So a true spirit of comradeship developed between the cadets and the enlisted men.
  • Greg had to receive scores of cadets who dropped in to inquire for the best word.
  • The ordinary method of appointment of cadets is described and vindicated by the author.

Definition of Cadets

plural of cadet
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