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Definition of Cairn

A rounded or conical heap of stones erected by early inhabitants of the British Isles, apparently as a sepulchral monument. | A pile of stones heaped up as a landmark, to guide travelers on land or at sea, or to arrest attention, as in surveying, or in leaving traces of an exploring party, etc. | A cairn terrier.

How To Use Cairn In A Sentence?

  • A cairn on the point of the cliff over this cave has been completely demolished.
  • Every barn he knew, and cairn and croft and steeple recalled stories of his boyhood.
  • The great winds mourn, and sobs the wave Beneath the lichened cairn of Maeve.
  • Over the spot he piled a cairn of stones to mark it, and protect the little store from marauding animals.
  • There will often arise some doubt as to the exact point in the circumference of the cairn or mark whence the 10 feet measurement should be made.
  • Then we built a little cairn to mark his resting-place for future use, and wandered on in search of the rest of his party.
  • Next they came to masses and fragments of naked rock heaped confusedly together like a cairn reared by giants in memory of a giant chief.
  • Before turning in, each built a cairn upon the beach, at the point which he thought the water might reach by morning.
  • And a great cairn of stones was piled over their grave, and their names were inscribed in Ogham, and their funeral rites were performed.
  • Under the top rocks was a rough wall similar to that in Cairn (1), but all the sides were nearly straight.
  • Edmund raised a cairn above what his Saxon wits supposed was a slain king, but Dunmail is only biding his time.
  • Accordingly we did so, and when we awoke in the morning we found ourselves on the summit of Cairn Feargaill, with our hounds and arms by us.
  • I cannot claim to have known him well myself; but it is an honour to be permitted to add a memorial stone to the lonely cairn of a fellow-worker for humanity.
  • Perhaps in all the wide world there will be few spots more hallowed in the recollection of English seamen than this cairn on Cape Herschel.
  • At the end of Germoe Lane there used to be a cairn of great stones, which an ignorant local administration has long since cleared away.
  • There is a cairn on top of Lost Hill, half a mile south of Blue, or Shanghai, Spring on Big Piney.
  • From the summit of Kellie Law, on which there is a large cairn of stones, one of the most magnificent views in Scotland is obtained.
  • I hope it will be understood, that the precaution of always burying a notice 10 feet true north of the cairn mark is proposed as additional to and not in the place of other contrivances for giving information.
  • The unmarried are buried in graves near the dwelling, and these are walled up the sides and covered with rocks and lastly with earth; it is the old rock cairn instead of the wooden coffin.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Cairn | Cairn Sentence

  • No trace of a cairn could be found.
  • Instead came a cairn question of business.
  • He was buried under a cairn near Aberystwyth.
  • Your own love, cold on your cairn in Aghadoe.
  • O! to creep into that cairn in Aghadoe, Aghadoe!
  • Hobson removed every stone of this cairn down to the ground and rebuilt it.
  • A cairn was very often raised over the grave of some important person.
  • I made the bones into a decent heap and piled rocks into a cairn over them.
  • You will find his bones along there under a bit of a cairn near the water.
  • There is a small cairn on a high peak half a mile east of the camp.
  • A large cairn forms the head of the monster, which is 300 feet in length.
  • Pipe from Cairn (2) 27 4.
  • Ask the cairn that over Sligo Lifts its stones to greet the dawn!
  • Outline of Cairn (1), at Lost Hill, Phelps County, Mo.
  • Outline of Cairn (2), at Lost Hill, Phelps County, Mo.
  • The Queen had built a cairn at Balmoral in memory of the Prince Consort.
  • And the cairn over Colan crumbled, And the cross on Eldred's grave.
  • Columella bead from Cairn (5), Devil's Elbow 87 20.
  • Columella bead from Cairn (4), Devil's Elbow 87 19.

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