Cajoling In A Sentence

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  • Hal was cajoling now.
  • But the old man, seeing that he prevailed nothing, took a cajoling tone.
  • PLUNKET been arguing, protesting, cajoling by the hour, and had done nothing.

How To Use Cajoling In A Sentence?

  • No amount of urging or cajoling on the part of my husband could induce me to see the doctor.
  • At last, with a cajoling but really alarming audacity, she went for him straight.
  • He rode after us with his Lowlanders, protesting, threatening, cajoling in vain.
  • Democracy is in practice nothing but a device for cajoling from him the vote he refuses to arbitrary authority.
  • Seeing that the indignation of her mistress merely amused the condottiere the dwarf took a cajoling tone.
  • After breakfast she took a turn in the garden with her father, coaxing and cajoling him, and brought him to the kiosk.
  • He interviewed important gentlemen, threatening some and cajoling others, but always getting the information that he desired.
  • Major Sirr and his myrmidons glided hither and thither on their devilish errand of cajoling men to their destruction.
  • With much persuading and cajoling the majority of these negroes went to their cabins that night and the most skeptical stayed in my kitchen all the rest of the night.
  • At this point in their relations Barstow put off his pleading, cajoling manner, and began, little by little, to play the master.
  • After this shameless confession, the Pardoner offers to relate one of the moral tales which he has found most efficacious in cajoling money out of unwilling pockets.

Definition of Cajoling

present participle of cajole | the act of one who cajoles
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