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  • The calamities are our friends.
  • How is the size of calamities measured?
  • Behold other woes and calamities outraging peace!
  • It fortifies the soul against the calamities of life.
  • This defect explained the rogueries and calamities of his life.
  • Were great calamities in the past usually the result of wickedness?
  • For this at least man gets by death, that his calamities are not immortal.
  • The innumerable calamities which overtook Spain under Philip IV.
  • The worst calamities would befall me and them all, if I didn't.

How To Use Calamities In A Sentence?

  • Personal deformities or constitutional calamities are always to be laid hold of.
  • He remembers many calamities incurred by folly, many opportunities lost by negligence.
  • If excesses would cease, how many sources of nameless calamities would disappear!
  • These are the calamities by which Providence gradually disengages us from the love of life.
  • He has no ability to preserve an organization, and soon calamities began to befall Philip.
  • The design of Government is, we hope, to have a feeling for the calamities we must encounter.
  • God forbid that we should speak lightly of the calamities which such general warfare must bring in its train.
  • These are calamities that cannot be compensated by any material prosperity, however great and imposing.
  • Then you will be blamed for pestilence, famine and other national calamities and be offered as martyrs for your faith.
  • The calamities of these people are a fertile topic; and too often their faults and vices have kept pace with their calamities.
  • Christendom stood aghast at the greatness of the calamities which afflicted Germany and threatened neighboring nations.
  • Distrust and suspicion, arrogance and fear, with their train of calamities for the next hundred years distracted the island.
  • But the roots of Indian thought lie in the anxiety of the individual to escape from the ills and calamities of existence.
  • This would be not only fatal to my peace, it would make me despicable in my own eyes, which is the worst of all calamities that man can suffer.
  • Though bereft of access to the sea except by permission of its neighbors, it had, however, not endured anything like the calamities of its ally.
  • Trusting in God, and nerved by religious exaltation, they took up the sword that had been sharpened by the previous calamities of war.
  • The traditions of that city predicted to it great calamities if the statue of Mars was either sullied, or put into a place unworthy of it.
  • The colony was exempted from those calamities of war and desolation, which form so prominent a picture in the early annals of American settlements.
  • If none of these calamities are foretold, the anito enemies of Bontoc are not revengeful, and the pueblo rests in contentment.
  • Do the earliest Hebrew records imply that these were miracles or natural calamities peculiar to the land of Egypt?
  • Then Bessie must go to bed, or assuredly she would be so ill that unheard-of calamities would befall the infants.
  • Must I be dragged into a scandal that may lead to calamities such as I cannot even bear to think of?
  • But it requires a continued attention as great as that which those more noisy calamities are able to ensure for themselves while they are in immediate agitation.
  • This theory of the meaning of the impending calamities is supported by the prophets by those denunciations of the national sins which give so gloomy a complexion to their works.
  • Innumerable are the grievous and fatal calamities which public societies are exposed to in this evil world, which they can have no defence from without order and authority.
  • He looked the very incarnation of good cheer, and had contrived to avert from his own person all vestige of those calamities which he was pleased so feelingly to deplore.
  • In spite of these calamities the blinded King prepared for another exhausting war, in order to put his grandson on the throne of Spain.
  • It was not these more serious calamities alone whose load she was doomed to bear; there were many petty annoyances to which she was daily and hourly subject.
  • That we are not to pity or grieve means that that side of us which is related to the divine and eternal is not to be affected by emotions produced by calamities in mere outward and material things.
  • We would deplore any servile insurrection, both on account of the calamities which would attend it and on account of the occasion which it would furnish of increased severity and oppression.
  • So intimately was it incorporated with the very elements of their intellectual nature, that nothing could extinguish it short of those calamities which spread their deadly mildews over the fires of genius itself.

Definition of Calamities

plural of calamity
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