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  • It was calamity that made her so sensitive.
  • This is a great calamity to him as well as to his master.
  • Sudden domestic calamity . . .
  • But a sad calamity fell upon him in his old age.
  • But on the heels of this, another calamity overtook us.
  • My calamity is My providence, outwardly it is...
  • She brought the news of the calamity that had befallen the city.
  • Everything tends to show that the calamity was totally unlooked for.
  • The calamity had been foreseen, but to foresee is not to realize.
  • In the present instance, however, no such calamity had befallen.
  • Know, verily, that an unforeseen calamity followeth...
  • There is the telephone That makes calamity of her repose.
  • Its possession by Great Britain would indeed be a great calamity to us.

How To Use Calamity In A Sentence?

  • There seemed to have been less danger of this calamity on the forty-fourth day than on any other.
  • No calamity is so difficult to realise when it befalls as one which has haunted us in imagination.
  • The evil is usually done before the farmer is well aware that the calamity has fallen upon him.
  • It would be a calamity corresponding to that of a man losing by a stroke the memory of past years.
  • He was, at the time when this calamity fell upon him, about forty years of age.
  • What dire calamity to the confidin' native if chicken pox or whoopin' cough was aboard of you!
  • In the days of this awful calamity there were few that remembered Michael Sunlocks.
  • That calamity is a sufficient introduction to every roof, I trust, in a civilized country.
  • I fear, I fear greatly, miss, that some calamity may occur on board this ship to-night.
  • In the whole of Irish history no time brought such calamity to Ireland as the Victorian age.
  • The words in which she spoke of her calamity seemed so pathetically simple that they went to his heart.
  • This is such a fearful calamity that no terms should be regarded as too scathing in which to rebuke legalistic tendencies.
  • The slave was not long in her presence when she bewailed the calamity that had come upon her beloved master.
  • Something that made my blood run cold with a sickening apprehension of the calamity that had so nearly befallen us.
  • A greater weight of public and private calamity and sorrow surely never fell at once on any individual.
  • There be who perpetually complain of schisms and sects, and make it such a calamity that any man dissents from their maxims.
  • Instinctively she felt her grandmother would feel that a calamity had befallen them in losing the patronage of the manager of the ten-cent store.
  • I had not seemed to realize before how much of our trouble, our unspoken apprehension and dread of impending calamity was due to this man.
  • Every calamity is a spur and valuable hint; and where his endeavors do not yet fully avail, they tell as tendency.
  • The man who loses the use of his eyes suffers a terrible affliction; yet this calamity does not completely destroy his usefulness.
  • The cook, asleep in his bunk in the shack, was quite unconscious of the calamity when the skipper roused him to demand explanations.
  • A captive is chosen for the substitute so that a calamity incurred by a mischance in the proceedings may fall on him alone and not on the Kiowa.
  • This calamity brutally aroused the Jews from their hundred-year-old illusions and brought them again to a sense of reality.
  • All exalted minds, I said to myself, have been obliged to atone for their superiority by calamity and persecution.
  • My calamity is My providence, outwardly it is fire and vengeance, but inwardly it is light and mercy.
  • Directly the calamity was comprehended, the English poured money into the country with unbounded generosity, but the management was bad.
  • I come from a wretched hut on the heath, within the ken of this affluent mansion, where I have witnessed calamity in the extreme.

Definition of Calamity

An event resulting in great loss. | The distress that results from some disaster.
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