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How To Use Calendar In A Sentence?

  • They are commemorative dates, which one need only look at the calendar to verify.
  • Possibly they may be of general application, so far as consistent with the calendar system.
  • He never looked at the calendar since their weary, monotonous days had grown to be all alike.
  • After that I lived by the calendar and dwelt on the passing of time on the clock.
  • Time dragged with him, but the calendar told him that just so many days, no more, had passed.
  • It was more; it was a mistake, a flaw in her diplomacy; for Calendar intercepted it.
  • The same will be found true in regard to the other years as given in our calendar (Table II).
  • Rule for determining Easter Day of the Gregorian Calendar in any year of the new style.
  • Rule for determining Easter Day of the Antegregorian Calendar in any year of the old style.
  • Some antiquarians believe the sculptured stone to be an astronomical calendar or a table of measurement and calculation.
  • He has made an artificial calendar differing somewhat in all pueblos in name and number and length of periods.
  • It takes its name from the general planting of camotes, and is the only one of the calendar periods not named from the rice industry.
  • If they were not such objects of real wretchedness, it would be laughable to hear the church calendar of saints repeated so volubly.
  • I made no notes, and have forgotten the details, but the construction of the floral calendar was very entertaining while it lasted.
  • Eight of these periods make up the calendar of Bontoc pueblo, and seven of them have to do with the rice industry.
  • Unnoticed of any, save perhaps Calendar himself, the boat had drawn in at the stage a moment earlier.
  • Starting from this date and counting forward on the calendar two months and fourteen days, we reach 11 Lamat.
  • Forever memorable in the hitherto colorless calendar of Walthamstow will be this tragedy in the second year of Armageddon.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Calendar | Calendar Sentence

  • Our calendar is made for this climate.
  • One forgets the calendar in this summer-like climate.
  • That putrid calendar must come down, though.
  • So Calendar had escaped, after all!
  • Meekly enough he fell in with Calendar on the sidewalk.
  • But the Mexican calendar is hard to deal with.
  • Mr. Calendar pursed his plump lips, whistling inaudibly.
  • Shortly afterwards Dorothy Calendar disappeared.
  • This, in the calendar of bookish misdemeanors, is the crime of crimes.
  • When he looked up again Calendar had swung squarely about in his chair.
  • The Huns' calendar is wrong.
  • Without waiting for permission Calendar dropped into the vacant chair.
  • It seemed that Calendar had not taken her into his confidence, after all.
  • To our surprise we saw Calendar and his daughter at a table not far from ours.
  • All but purring with satisfaction and relief, Calendar halted.
  • In this calendar I propose to especially notice the injurious insects.
  • Who bids for a possible place in the Calendar of the Future?
  • Time fell in love with both, and flung His calendar to Cupid!
  • There is a Newgate Calendar for Kings as well as for meaner culprits.
  • This will be understood by examining our calendar (Table II).
  • But, on the other hand, Calendar and Mrs. Hallam were unquestionably allies.
  • A Poetic Calendar of Passages from the Works of Alfred Austin.

Definition of Calendar

(law) To set a date for a proceeding in court, usually done by a judge at a calendar call. | To enter or write in a calendar; to register. | Any system by which time is divided into days, weeks, months, and years.
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