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  • Never make an allusion to the fatted calf which you killed on the return of the prodigal heart.
  • Soon the mother caribou, leaving her calf in the valley, started in the direction of the man.
  • She called her calf to her, had it smell the ground, too, so as to get the scent of the man.
  • Not long was the combat, for Calf was overborne by odds and fled with his folk.
  • So the calf was put back in the stable, and Teddy gave up lassoing for that day.
  • The calf came along easily enough, for Teddy had petted it and fed it several times.
  • She now the trotting Calf addressed, To save from death a friend distressed.
  • The Danes pursued them, slaying many of the Norwegians, and likewise Calf Arnison.
  • Sigrid the daughter of Ketil Calf and of Gunhild, the niece of King Harald through her mother.
  • But a yearling calf can be a very obstreperous brute on occasion, and this one was hot from his run.
  • A thought struck me that there must be an outlet somewhere about, where the cow and calf were trying to meet.
  • But they always treat him like the prodigal son in the gospel, only there is no fatted calf killed for him.
  • In the midst of his slumbers, a dream in which he thought he was being dragged to the fire like a calf for branding came to him.
  • Milk was forbidden inasmuch as it could not be obtained without robbing some calf of its natural sustenance, and thus endangering its life.
  • To represent a still larger hog, the two hands circle the calf and thigh, but at some distance from them.
  • It was cruelty to animals: you could have stuck up a wax doll or a golden calf to worship; it would not have been bored.
  • Then was Calf re-endowed with all his possessions, and the land-dues which had been his in former days.
  • We had almost reached the cascades and were crossing a little bowl-like valley, when an elk calf leaped out of the snow and ran a few yards.
  • A cow can bid her calf by secret signal, probably of the eye, to run away, or to lie down and hide itself.
  • The calf writhed and struggled to escape, and as he fought against it Bowles caught the stench of burning hair.
  • Ever after that, even before the calf knew that this scent belonged to a man, or had seen a man, it would run away from it.
  • After days of care and nights of dreams and anxious watchings, with unnecessary aid in calving, the calf at last sees the light of day.
  • A still more curious incident of the Dionysiac worship was the sacrifice of a booted calf, a calf with cothurns on its feet.
  • He had many children by his beautiful wife, and one day when his oldest boy died, he wrapped him in the spotted calf robe and buried him in it.
  • The cow freely yields her milk while the calf is close to her, and the milkman, muzzling the calf, adroitly milks into his measure.
  • Her petticoats, descending but little below the calf of her leg, displayed its "ample round" to the utmost advantage.
  • At one time an eagle or an 'ignis fatuus,' at another a horse or a bull, while occasionally he figures as a compound of the calf and goat.
  • Frosted turnips make cows with calf abort, and rather than give calving cows such turnips I would order them straw and water.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Calf | Calf Sentence

  • The packet was still there against the calf of his leg.
  • The calf is expected to be first-class.
  • He knew that a boy in love is not mainly a calf but a poet.
  • The little calf might fall and break a leg.
  • If the calf flesh is once lost, it can never be regained.
  • In half calf or half morocco, $2.75.
  • In half calf or half morocco, per vol., $2.75.
  • The cow yields little milk, either for the calf or the family.
  • They made the surround, and let the yellow calf and its mother go.
  • Hans took the calf, set it on his head, and the calf scratched his face.
  • At Liegnitz, a spent ball struck him on the calf of the leg.
  • Now Ketil Calf & Gunhild had a son whose name was Guthorm of Ringanes.

Definition of Calf

(anatomy) The back of the leg below the knee. | The muscle in the back of the leg below the knee. |
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