Call Her In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Call Her | Call Her Sentence

  • Call her a dressmaker!
  • What do they call her?
  • Call her once before you go.
  • But what should he call her?
  • Just call her over here.
  • Once she did rise to call her.
  • Did it call her to her death?
  • We call her so because of her cunning.
  • Barbara did not call her guards.
  • I should not call her orderly.
  • He did not often call her that.
  • I had a servant call her.
  • I think you call her.
  • She then told me to call her equerry.
  • I call her my court jester.
  • You amaze me when you call her beautiful.
  • No one should ever call her so again.
  • Call her here, and grandfather too.
  • Not long after she went to call her.
  • Phone-phreaks call her at the office.
  • She liked to have me call her mother.
  • Then she went to call her mistress.
  • Not a penny would she call her own.
  • But then she reflected that they might call her heartless.
  • Norah, as the boys call her?
  • Joyce rose to her knees to call her back.
  • He could not even call her pretty.
  • I shall soon call her mine.
  • We had been permitted for three years to call her ours.
  • I thought you were trying to call her a puppy.
  • The captain used to call her his clarion.
  • He could not bring himself to call her name.
  • Call her once, and come away.
  • Call her, and tell her to bring the samovar.
  • Set down the body, and one call her out.

How To Use Call Her In A Sentence?

  • She tried to call her, but alas!
  • Fate seemed determined to call her failure into notice.
  • One might almost call her a pleasant person.
  • The young boys would not call her mother.
  • Very well; call her and consult her!
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